Tuesday, March 21, 2023

2022 NFL Draft: Why the Detroit Lions should pass on Carson Strong if they have the No. 1 pick

Many of the 2022 mock drafts have the Detroit Lions with the overall first pick, which they end up using on Carson Strong out of Nevada. It’s an appealing fantasy for many long-suffering Detroit Lions fans: a new quarterback rides in and takes them to the promised land of their first ever Lombardi Trophy.

While he’s certainly a popular pick in nearly every mock NFL draft, it may be a bit too premature to put Carson Strong on such a pedestal, and not just because first-round quarterback picks named Carson are yet to set the NFL alight.

Here are some flags against the young quarterback, and some reasons why the Detroit Lions may not be the right fit for Carson Strong.

Carson Strong has some deficiencies to address

Strong has rightfully impressed a lot of people. He stands at 6’4″ and 215 lbs, which makes it tough for pass rushers to bring him down. In addition to that, he has the arm strength to throw deep. Despite that, he is also able to maintain accuracy on long throws.

However, there are certain issues that he needs to improve upon. While he is great as a pocket-passer, he does not run much. In a league that prizes its quarterbacks for being versatile, his lack of dual threats could set an NFL team back. Carson Strong also does not go through a wide variety of plays, choosing to throw to a preferred wide receiver most of the time. These are the points that he needs to improve upon.

Another issue that might be a red flag is that he plays in a conference that is not known for producing top defenders. Carson Strong has only played against four receivers drafted into the NFL, and none of them went in the first two rounds.

The Detroit Lions may not need Carson Strong

Another reason why it may be premature to think of Carson Strong, even if the Detroit Lions have the first overall pick, is because Jared Goff may yet justify his place. After all, he is just 26 years old and led his previous franchise to the Super Bowl, something the Detroit Lions have failed to do as a franchise.

If Jared Goff performs well in a limited team, the front office should then focus on giving him the tools to take the team to the next level. That means drafting offensive linesmen and wide receivers in the first round rather than focusing on a new quarterback.


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