Thursday, March 23, 2023

3 reasons why Deshaun Watson would benefit from one more season in Houston

Whether it is as a result of the lawsuits or by trade, Deshaun Watson‘s future is very much unclear. There’s change in the air, certainly when it comes to Watson.

While a number of teams have been rumored to be interested in a young QB with such a high level of talent, Deshaun Watson‘s situation is definitely about to change.

That said, what if it doesn’t? What if Watson plays one more season in Houston? The decision would have many cons, but there are also some positives sides to the idea. Here are three reasons why Watson would benefit from one last dance in Houston.

#1 – Team player appearance

Whether Deshaun Watson is truly a team player is irrelevant. That said, if he can give the appearance of a team-player mentality, his trade stock would rise. The best way to do this would be to stay one last season.

However, him staying one final season would give the Houston Texans time to set up a real quarterback of the future. Sorry Texans fans, but Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills will not be bringing home the Lombardi Trophy.

After looking at Mills’ stats from college, it is clear the Texans took a flyer on Mills and his seven touchdowns and three interceptions in five games in 2020. The Texans need time to find a top prospect and allow Watson to mentor him. If Watson were to stick around long enough for this to happen, he would become much more valuable to other teams as a team player.

Top teams may find him more intriguing if he shows up as a team player.

#2 – Weather, lawsuits and punishments

It makes sense for Watson to wait for his lawsuits and punishments to resolve themselves before going to another team. In the meantime, he can play for the Texans and weather the inevitable storm.

Once he sorts that out, there won’t be any reason for teams needing a quarterback to not give the Texans a call.

In other words, once the skeletons are out of the closet and resolved, Watson likely only brings positives to his next team.

#3 – Gives more time to find spot where Texans and Watson both win

Put simply, the Texans do not want to rush a Watson trade. If they do, they run the risk of making a move that bites them later. The Texans would want to move Watson to a team in the NFC where they will almost never have to face him. Currently, most of the options to move Watson are AFC teams.

Davis Mills
Davis Mills

Next season, there could be several NFC teams that want Watson. This drives up the price and also gives the Texans the assurance that they’ll rarely see Watson. In addition, it increases the chances that Watson could land with a possible Super Bowl roster. With more time, the Texans and Watson could both benefit.


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