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5 best Free Fire characters for Clash Squad mode in September 2021

The two primary modes in Free Fire are Clash Squad and Battle Royale. The game also offers various game modes, such as the newly introduced Lone Wolf mode.

A specific ranking system in both modes has also been set up to make them even more competitive.

In Clash Squad mode, players are paired in two teams of four: the Warbringers and Howlers. They face off over seven rounds, and whichever team comes out on top in four of them emerges as the winners.

Due to their abilities, characters play a significant role in determining the outcome of a match.

Five most potent Clash Squad characters in Free Fire

5) Kla

Kla (Image via Free Fire)
Kla (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Muay Thai

Kla is among the finest characters with a passive ability that players can have in the Clash Squad mode. He boasts an incredible ability called “Muay Thai,” which increases the fist damage of users by 400%.

As a result, the character could greatly assist users in close-range combat and appropriately be used in the first round.

4) Antonio

Antonio (Image via Free Fire)
Antonio (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Gangster’s Spirit

Antonio takes the next position on this list and is another incredible character who possesses a passive skill. Users receive 35 additional health upon the commencement of each round.

Hence, if they have Antonio equipped in Free Fire, gamers will be starting each round in Clash Squad mode at 235 HP.

3) K

K (Image via Free Fire)
K (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Master of All

K is the in-game persona of “KSHMR.” His ability is pretty unique compared to the other characters. It features two different modes:

Jiu-jitsu: In a 6m range, there is a massive 500% rise in the EP conversion rate.

Psychology: In this mode, the players recover 2 EP every 2 seconds, up to 150 EP.

Also, the Max EP is increased by 50, and there’s a 3-second cooldown on the mode switch.

In Clash Squad mode, users can directly purchase Mushrooms during the buy phase.

2) Chrono

Chrono (Image via Free Fire)
Chrono (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Time Turner

Chrono’s ability is incredible for users who prefer playing aggressively, and it creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies and raises the movement speed by 15%. It lasts for only 8 seconds and has a massive 170 cooldown.

The force field created can provide instant cover to the players as they engage in fights with foes.

1) Alok

Alok (Image via Free Fire)
Alok (Image via Free Fire)

Ability: Drop the Beat

DJ Alok is arguably the best character that gamers can have in Garena Free Fire. His ability provides a constant source of healing, where they can create an aura of 5m that raises ally movement speed by 15% and replenishes a total of 5 HP.

The effect lasts for 10 seconds but cannot be stacked.

Note: The list is based on the writer’s opinion, and all the abilities stated above are at the maximum level of the characters.


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