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5 GTA 5 RP servers that players should look out for

For roleplaying fans of the series, there are GTA 5 RP servers that can accommodate their needs.

GTA 5 RP servers allow players to assume the role of an NPC. Different servers have their own rules, and some require months of waiting to get on the whitelist. Meanwhile, other servers allow anybody to join. Several popular streamers and unknown players have committed themselves to these servers.

Players can join on any server they want, but it does take some time. Most servers require an application process. Before they do anything, players should consider which server best fits their needs. Here are the popular ones that players often try out for themselves.

Five GTA 5 RP servers that players should watch out for

5) Mafia City

Mafia City claims there are no limitations within this server. Players who join can become anything from a cop to a criminal. With a high player count, there are several businesses to run, and the map constantly updates itself.

Each occupation has its own special features. For example, law enforcement has unique radio animations. Suffice to say, it’s one of the more immersive GTA 5 RP servers.

4) GrizzleyWorld RP

Tee Grizzley is not only an accomplished rap artist, he is also an avid gamer. He runs the popular GrizzleyWorld RP server. According to the official Patreon statement, they only seek players who maintain positive vibes.

There’s a long waiting line with membership fees, and players have to join their Discord channel. In the meantime, moderators will have to see what they are made of. Tee Grizzley regularly streams on his social media platforms.

3) Marbella Vice

There are GTA 5 RP servers for every popular language. Marbella Vice is the main one for Spanish players. Recognizable names like Auron and Ibai have played on this particular server. They are basically internet celebrities.

Marbella Vice offers a wide range of customizable features, and there is an entire community dedicated to this craft. Spanish players often seek it out.

2) Eclipse RP

This is one of the most advanced GTA 5 RP servers. Eclipse RP has over 200 players in any given lobby. It offers both text and voice chat, although it strongly recommends the latter.

The server promotes an interactive experience among its players, and as a result, there are several gangs and activities available. It also uses a dynamic economic system for interactional purposes.

1) NoPixel 3.0

Most GTA 5 RP players are aware of NoPixel. Several premier streamers have used this server, including xQcOW and Whippy. Apart from that, they have an active community of players with a long waiting list.

This is arguably the most populated of the GTA 5 RP servers. To set an example, NoPixel regularly enforces its rules as many players have seen multiple bans dropped on them. The most infamous one is xQcOW.

In order to get into the NoPixel server, players have to carefully think about their character. In fairness, the application process is what determines their eligibility.

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