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5 intriguing fan theories about GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is a game where players are always trying to discover something new in it, which sometimes leads to some interesting fan theories.

Fan theories are simply just theories that players create to explain unknown aspects. In GTA San Andreas’s case, the game doesn’t explain every little detail to the player. Some GTA San Andreas aspects are obvious, but others require critical thinking.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of these fan theories are tied to Big Smoke. His betrayal is one of the most interesting plot points in the GTA San Andreas storyline, with the player having to read between the lines in some instances.

Over the years, this has naturally led to several fan theories about these storyline-important events.

Five interesting GTA San Andreas fan theories

5) Why was Big Smoke in the Johnson House?

Big Smoke was in the kitchen for some reason (Image via Rockstar Games)
Big Smoke was in the kitchen for some reason (Image via Rockstar Games)

The mission Big Smoke introduces the player to the character with the same name. However, one thing that often lingered in the minds of some players was why was Big Smoke in the Johnson House?

Big Smoke came from the kitchen, so that meant he was already in the house. However, all of this takes place during CJ’s mother’s funeral. Ryder was willing to go to the funeral, so it’s interesting that Big Smoke ditched it.

One fan theory that tries to explain this is that Big Smoke was waiting for Sweet to come back to the house, so he could kill him. Otherwise, it seems too convenient that he was just chilling at the house, meet CJ, and then drive to the funeral.

4) Big Smoke’s comically large order was an excuse to buy time

Was this order done with ulterior motives? (Image via Rockstar Games)
Was this order done with ulterior motives? (Image via Rockstar Games)

Everybody who has played GTA San Andreas to the end knows that Big Smoke is in cahoots with the Ballas. That’s nothing new. However, he aligned with them before the game starts, which explains why he tends to avoid shooting at them.

It may also explain why he wasted so much time ordering a lot of food.

Although Big Smoke can seem comical at times, he’s still an overly ambitious gangster who would do anything to get to the top. Of course, the game never tells the player why Big Smoke ordered so much, so it could just be a comedic moment and nothing serious.

However, some fans still believe that his legendary order in GTA San Andreas was an excuse to give the Ballas ample time to attack the Grove Street Families.

3) Big Smoke was added to the mission, Drive-By, late in development

This is yet another mission with the word “Drive” in it that involves Big Smoke in a GTA San Andreas fan theory. This one was popularized by GTA San Andreas speedrunner, Real KeV3n, and it simply states that Big Smoke wasn’t meant to be in the mission, Drive-By.

The first interesting piece of evidence is how Big Smoke doesn’t show up in the opening cutscene. He’s just waiting by the car, doing nothing. In fact, he barely talks during the mission, which seems out of place for the character.

Even stranger is that this is the only mission in all of GTA San Andreas where Big Smoke willingly shoots at some Ballas.

2) Mike Toreno is a CIA agent

GTA San Andreas never explicitly states which government agency Mike Toreno works for. In the mission N.O.E., Mike Toreno states that the DEA, FBI, a Russian, a Cuban Double Agent, and his paymasters are all watching him.

Naturally, it would be his paymasters that he works for, but it’s not told to the player who they are. It can’t be the DEA or FBI, as that would be redundant. Mike Toreno is shown to be patriotic to a fault, so it’s not a Russian or Cuban agency, either.

Mike Toreno was involved in drug trades with the Loco Syndicate, and there have been heavy allegations in the past of the CIA also being involved in the drug trade. Hence, it’s a logical fan theory with some evidence supporting it in GTA San Andreas.

1) Ryder was never meant to betray the GSF

There is an interesting fan theory that states that Ryder being a villain was a last minute addition. Some things that support this theory are that Ryder’s missions involve helping out the Grove Street Families and how he’s always willing to kill the Ballas.

Take Big Smoke, by comparison. His missions don’t benefit the Grove Street Families. Likewise, he often makes excuses for not attacking the Ballas (and even lives in their territory).

It’s also interesting to note that CJ never mentions Ryder by name in the mission, “The Green Sabre”. It’s all about Big Smoke selling the Grove Street Families out, even though Ryder is the first one seen in this GTA San Andreas mission.

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