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5 must-see matchups for Chris Jericho if he ever returns to WWE

Chris Jericho has had a memorable career in WWE. However, he became the first massive signing for Tony Khan’s AEW and has since remained a significant component of the promotion’s weekly programming. At AEW All Out 2021, Le Champion will put his career on the line. MJF will walk in as the heavy favorite. However, professional wrestling retirements are rarely conserved, and no one believes Jericho to literally quit wrestling if he loses the match.

But what if Jericho partially keeps his promise, resigns from AEW, and returns to WWE? It seems like an unthinkable vision, and rightfully so. Even if he remains a part of the AEW roster, Jericho might return to WWE at one point for that final nostalgia run and Hall of Fame induction. And if he does, he will have multiple dream matches lined up for him.

Many new talents have joined the main roster, an old face or two have returned, and there will be no scarcity of both fresh and ancient rivalries for Jericho to work on. Here is a list of five competitors that Jericho will light up the ring with if he returns to WWE.

#5 Former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens

Some of the best days of Jericho’s last full-time WWE run were spent in a long-term storyline involving Kevin Owens. In a narrative that lasted for the better part of a year, Jericho and KO grew close, leading to an emotionally charged backstabbing and a rivalry that WWE toned down from the Universal Championship to the United States Championship.

Owens and Jericho feuded for quite some time, and if Jericho returns to WWE, a clash with Owens is sure to be satisfying. Owens has revamped himself into WWE’s resident Stunner-Server at this point, an aspect that shall spice up the rivalry.

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