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5 popular GTA San Andreas streamers to look out for

The GTA San Andreas speedrunning community is still growing strong, as several popular streamers play the game.

As of right now, most of the attention is given to GTA 5 (whether it’s roleplaying or using a specific mod). However, that doesn’t mean nobody wants to watch GTA San Andreas. It remains a well-known game to this very day. Tons of streamers find good viewership, specifically on Twitch.

To accurately determine which GTA San Andreas streamers are the most popular on Twitch, it’s best to use TwitchMetrics. It provides the necessary data with the amount of viewership hours. While not as popular as GTA 5 currently is, there is still an audience for GTA San Andreas streamers.

Five of the most popular GTA San Andreas streamers:

1) Joshimuz (52,079 viewer hours)

Joshimuz is one of the most prominent GTA San Andreas streamers. While his runs tend to be respectable (with multiple second and third place finishes), he does have a following. A Hampshire native of the United Kingdom, he’s not too far off from Scotland (the main base of operations for Rockstar North).

Back in 2019, the European Speedrunner Assembly invited him to do an Any% speedrun of the game. Basically, they need to finish the game as fast as possible. Joshimuz finished with over four hours. Keep in mind – they had yet to discover the time-saving trick to cut down the run to less than 15 minutes.

The video has since gained over two million views. Joshimuz is not only relaxed and laid back, he is also informative. His audience often learns a thing or two about the game. Josimuz is a regular GTA San Andreas streamer, which contributes to his overall consistency.

2) Hugo One (44,785 viewer hours)

Hugo One is well-known for his YouTube videos on the GTA series. Notably, he also does speedruns, particularly with GTA San Andreas. Hugo One tends to use randomizer mods for extra variety. These games are completely unpredictable, which makes them a worthy challenge.

Like most full-time streamers, Hugo One usually spends five days a week on gaming. He tends to prioritize humor in his runs, especially when he inevitably runs into obstacles. It’s always good for a watch.

On the side, Hugo One also does speedruns for other GTA titles. Thanks to his dedicated community, he was able to snag fan-made merchandise from GTA San Andreas. One of his fans sent him items related to the Cluckin’ Bell. These include a chicken hat, Sprunk soda, and a map of the game.

3) Crucial (40,129 viewer hours)

Crucial specializes in multiple games, namely Fallout and the GTA series. He tends to play 100% runs, which requires extensive knowledge of the entire game. Like most GTA San Andreas streamers, he tends to average five hours or so.

There is a notable gap between Crucial and the next highest-viewed GTA San Andreas streamers. He’s gained over 40,000 hours for his viewership. According to Twitch Metrics, the next ones drop off by a few ten thousand.

As of three days ago, he just completed his last 100% run for a long while. Time will tell when he returns as a GTA San Andreas streamer. At the very least, he was one of the more popular streamers of this particular game.

4) TheNevZone (19,217 viewer hours)

Argentina-based player TheNevZone has a small but loyal following on Twitch. Interestingly, his biggest audience is from the United States (according to his top viewer locations). Given his native language, TheNevZone uses the Spanish version of the game for all his runs.

As a GTA San Andreas streamer, he mainly speedruns for 100% completion. It’s considerably more difficult than the Any% run, since he cannot use glitches to skip certain scenes. For example, if done correctly, players can use the Ryder mission to warp themselves to the final boss.

TheNevZone truly tests himself with by refusing to reset any of his runs. Most players would start over if they messed up a specific part of their playthrough. If TheNevZone is lagging behind his current record, he just keeps on going. Persistence is key within speedrunning.

5) DatesSL (16,589 viewer hours)

DatesSL is a full-time GTA San Andreas streamer. A resident of Romania, they specialize in multiple games throughout the series.

Whether it’s 100% runs or chaotic randomizers, it’s always a different experience. DatesSL spends a lot of time with these games, since their full runs can range from six to 12 hours. That is certainly a commitment.

It seems as though DatesSL is currently inactive – no videos remain on their channel. Whether it’s temporary leave or a permanent break is unknown. However, there are competitive speedrun races to look out for on YouTube.

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