Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Brazil’s TV Globo, BBC Among International Emmy Awards Nominees for News And Current Affairs

The International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced on Thursday the nominees for the news and current affairs categories. Brazil’s TV Globo as the only broadcaster nominated in both fields.

TV Globo is in the running for its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazilian cities and hospitals, with the programs “Jornal Nacional: COVID-19 in Brazil” (news) and “Profissão Repórter/Fantástico: COVID-19: The Daily Routine of a Healthcare Team Inside a Public Hospital” (current affairs).

BBC World Service scored its first nom for a program from Kenya (in the current affairs category) for the BBC investigation “Africa Eye: The Baby Stealers,” which revealed the existence of a thriving illegal market for stolen babies in Kenya.

The eight nominees span six countries: Brazil, Kenya, Qatar, Russia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

“As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic and unrest every place, access to reliable news is more crucial than ever,” said Bruce Paisner, president and CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. “We salute the outstanding work and great courage of our nominees for reporting on difficult and sensitive matters, despite the global health crisis and many other obstacles thrown at them.”

The International Emmy winners will be announced alongside their American news counterparts during an online ceremony on Sept. 28.

Here is the full list of nominees:


“A Warning From Italy”
Sky News
United KingdomWhen coronavirus spread from the far-east, Italy overtook China as the epicenter. Yet nobody knew what this looked like – until, for the first time, Sky News revealed the horrific scale of the crisis in this world exclusive coverage.

“Beirut Blast”
Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English correspondent Zeina Khodr was walking with her family when the blast happened on 4th August 2020 at the Beirut port. Over the next two days, Zeina reported the effects the explosion had in a city already on its knees due to a deep economic crisis.

“Jornal Nacional: COVID-19 in Brazil”
Overcrowded hospitals and emergencies. Thousands of desperate patients searching for treatment. Brazilians who had their lives interrupted by the disease. The struggle of families to bury relatives. Globo witnessed how Brazilian cities fought the pandemic from its early stages.

“Nagorno-Karabakh War: Bloodshed and Path to Ceasefire”
RT (ANO TV-Novosti)
The intense military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan reaches the largest city and de-facto capital of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region, Stepanakert. RT crew reports from the city gripped by fear, then travels to a small town under constant bombardment despite declared truce.

Current Affairs

“Africa Eye: The Baby Stealers”
BBC World Service
BBC investigation reveals the existence of a secretive but thriving illegal market for stolen babies in Kenya. The team infiltrated and exposed three prolific child trafficking networks that stretch from one of Nairobi’s poorest slums to one of Kenya’s biggest government hospitals.

“Bureau Buitenland: De Jacht op Gaddafi’s miljarden” (“The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Billions”)
VPRO Television
The Hunt for Gaddafi’s Billions focuses on the battle for Muammar Gaddafi’s missing billions in South Africa. On the trail of bounty hunters, arms dealers, and corrupt politicians, we follow the terrifying hunt for the money.

“Exposure: In Cold Blood”
Darlow Smithson Productions / ITV
United Kingdom
In Cold Blood examines the biggest treatment disaster in NHS history, a tragedy which killed more people than Grenfell, Hillsborough, 7/7 and the Birmingham bombings combined. Yet its scale and impact has until now been relatively understated in Britain.

“Profissão Repórter” / “Fantástico: COVID-19: The Daily Routine of a Healthcare Team Inside a Public Hospital”
The medical team of the Vila Penteado General Hospital, in São Paulo, recorded images of their own daily routine for five days, between late May and early June. A special report from the team of “Profession: Reporter”


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