Sunday, December 05, 2021

China Bans “Effeminate Men” From TV As Part Of Cultural Crackdown

The Chinese government has issued new orders to its broadcasters in its continuing crackdown on culture, business and social mores. This time, it called for a ban on what it termed “effeminate men,” asking instead that “revolutionary culture” be touted.

The edict is part of President Xi Jinping’s call for a “national rejuvenation,” with business and the public under orders to align with his vision for China. Previously, the regime has expressed official concerns and cracked down on youth online gaming, boy band culture, gambling, cryptocurrency and sports. The moves are part of discouraging what it sees as unhealthy attention to celebrities and certain distracting activities.

The China TV regulators called for “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other abnormal esthetics,” using an insulting slang term for effeminate men — “niang pao,” or literally, “girlie guns.”

Broadcasters should avoid promoting “vulgar internet celebrities” and admiration of wealth and celebrity, the regulator said, calling for programming that “vigorously promote excellent Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture.”

How this affects foreign programming that airs in China remains to be seen. A previous call for banning South Korean boy bands took place even as Chinese television was airing its own competition for acts modeled on K-pop stars.

Rules that took effect Wednesday limit anyone under 18 to three hours per week of online games and prohibit school day play. And on Saturday, Weibo Corp. suspended thousands of accounts for fan clubs and entertainment news.


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