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Chrono vs Thiva: Which Free Fire character has better abilities?

It is difficult to rate characters in Free Fire due to the variety and versatility among their abilities. Certain characters suit specific playstyles, whether defensive, aggressive, or balanced.

Garena recently added two new characters to an already long line-up of characters in Free Fire. Dimitri is already one of the strongest characters in Free Fire, while Thiva is also a great choice for his passive abilities.

Among the most popular Free Fire characters, Chrono is also an excellent choice for a balanced strategy. Today’s article will compare the abilities of both Chrono and Thiva.

Free Fire characters: Chrono, Thiva, their abilities, and more


Chrono (Image via Free Fire)
Chrono (Image via Free Fire)

Chrono was introduced back in December 2020 after a collaboration between Garena and Cristiano Ronaldo. After Chrono’s arrival, he remained one of the most overpowered characters for months until the OB27 update. After the OB27 update, Chrono was nerfed to balance out his capabilities in the battleground.

Ability: Time Turner

Gamers can use Chrono’s active ability to create a force field that can block 600 damage from opponents. Teammates can also seek cover inside the shield while shooting from the inside. Additionally, movement speed also receives a 5% boost at the base level.

Time Turner has a CD of 200 seconds and lasts for three seconds at level one. After maximizing the ability to the highest level, agility increases to 15% and cool down decreases to 170 seconds.


Thiva (Image via Free Fire)
Thiva (Image via Free Fire)

Thiva is one of the two new additions to Free Fire after the 4th-anniversary update. The new passive ability character is part of Garena’s collaboration with Greek/Belgian DJ Duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

Ability: Vital Vibes

Thiva’s passive ability Vital Vibes assists downed players by increasing revival speed. At level one, the increase in rescue speed is 5%. Additionally, gamers also get a recovery of 15 HP within five seconds of rescue.

Since the ability is passive, it doesn’t have any CD or time limit. Gamers can also upgrade the capabilities of Thiva at level six. At the maximum level, rescue speed increases by 20% with 40 HP recovery.

Which character is better?

Chrono has better abilities than Thiva (Image via Garena/Sportskeeda)
Chrono has better abilities than Thiva (Image via Garena/Sportskeeda)

Chrono is an excellent choice for either rush or defense, but gamers need to upgrade him for better results. The duration of the ability is too low for sustainability against multiple enemies.

On the other hand, Thiva is a decent character that is an asset to teammates. However, it is not beneficial in direct fights as the ability benefits only HP and revival speed.

Among both Chrono and Thiva, the former has better abilities that suit a more balanced playstyle. Players, however, can make the decision based on their gameplay strategy and experience in Free Fire.

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