Saturday, January 28, 2023

CM Punk reveals why he chose Darby Allin as his first AEW opponent

CM Punk believes it wouldn’t have made any sense for him to go after AEW World Champion Kenny Omega when he first arrived in the company.

Speaking at the media scrum following AEW All Out, CM Punk discussed numerous topics, including why he chose Darby Allin as his first opponent.

The Straight Edge Superstar explained that the former TNT Champion was the perfect opponent for him under AEW’s hierarchical system. He further heaped praise upon Darby Allin while stating that the match turned out the way he wanted:

“There’s a reason that he (Darby Allin) was the first guy I came back to wrestle. There’s something about him. He’s different. He’s good, and in the hierarchy of AEW, it wouldn’t make any sense for CM Punk to come right in and go after Kenny Omega. Doesn’t mean that Darby is any less talented. It’s just if there is a hierarchy with wins and losses and where people are, I thought Darby was a great start because he’s a great opponent. The fans love him, and I thought that we did a great job of not trying to sway that. To me, pro wrestling is the best when everybody involved in something comes out looking better, and hopefully, we accomplish that tonight,” CM Punk said.

CM Punk had a remarkable victory over Darby Allin in his first match in seven years. There’s no doubt that an incredibly high-flying wrestler like Allin brought the best out of the former WWE Superstar.

CM Punk initially looked rusty in the ring, but eventually stepped up towards the end. Following the bout, Sting came out in the ring to congratulate CM Punk on his triumph.

What’s next for CM Punk in AEW?

Will he continue the storyline with Darby Allin!
Will he continue the storyline with Darby Allin!

Following the impressive comeback on Sunday, it is clear that CM Punk’s storyline with Darby Allin was a ‘one-off’ for at least now. The Second City Saint is yet to be advertised for the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite. But he could still appear and kickstart a new feud.

With AEW’s next pay-per-view Full Gear still two months away, it is unlikely that CM Punk will wrestle his next match ahead of it.

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