Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘Dating and New York’ Trailer Puts Friends With Benefits to the Test

Two millennial in New York City form a friends-with-benefits contract… what could possibly go wrong?

The first trailer for “Dating and New York,” the movie version of the TikTok trend “two best friends in a room… they might kiss,” explores the trials and tribulations of dating in the age of read receipts.

The modern love story follows the perpetually single Milo (Jaboukie Young-White) and Wendy (Francesca Reale), who match on a dating app. Rather than ghosting each other or settling into a relationship, the two form a written agreement to hook up without feelings, one that will test the resolve of their otherwise seemingly perfect dynamic.

“This is going to end poorly for you,” Milo’s friend tells him.

For Wendy and Milo, their fate is decided when one of them catches real feelings, and they must figure out how to remain friends, knowing they love one another, or decide to never text each other again.

Jonah Feingold wrote and directed “Dating and New York” in his feature filmmaking debut.

“There are so many new rules to the game of modern dating,” Feingold previously told Variety. “Even back when our parents were meeting, it seemed very wholesome, simple. You sat next to each other on an airplane, you were neighbors, you met in law school.”

He adds, “I was excited to make a film that their meet cute is quite literally just matching on an app. Nothing special. They both swipe right, and that’s how they met.”

Young-White is a comedian best known for “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” and Netflix’s romantic comedy “Someone Great.” Reale appeared on the third season of Netflix’s sci-fi series “Stranger Things” and starred in the indie comedy “Yes, God, Yes.” Catherine Cohen, Brian Muller and “Entourage” actor Jerry Ferrara co-star in the film, which features cameos from Arturo Castro (“Broad City”) and Alex Moffat (“Saturday Night Live”).

IFC Films nabbed “Dating and New York” ahead of its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and plans to open the film on demand and in select theaters on Sept. 10.

Watch the trailer below:


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