Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Do it the Masvidal way” – Jorge Masvidal’s manager suggests Jake Paul could meet ‘Gamebred’ in Miami and throw down

Jorge Masvidal and Tyron Woodley are managed by Malki Kawa of First Round Management, who recently had some words for Jake Paul. During an interview with Ariel Helwani, Kawa gave props to Jake Paul for his promotional ability and what he’s doing for fighters. However, the agent said he knew exactly what Jake Paul was doing by calling out active UFC fighters.

Mincing no words, Malki Kawa said that Jake Paul is aware of how contracts work and that the UFC fighters he’s calling out cannot fight him. Kawa suggested that Paul was simply doing it for clout. That said, the First Round Management CEO had a novel suggestion for ‘The Problem Child’ – Kawa said if Paul really wanted to fight, he could meet Jorge Masvidal in Miami.

“He’s a phenomenal promoter and I keep giving him all the props in the world…. everybody should take their hat off to him, you know what I mean? He deserves that respect. But at the same time, you also have to understand, there’s contracts, there are people in place. You can call Kamaru Usman out all day, you’re never gonna fight him. You can call out freaking Khabib.”

Harking back to a recent incident involving Georges St-Pierre and Oscar De La Hoya, Malki Kawa said:

“Georges is retired. De La Hoya wanted to fight him, right? We all know Dana hates De La Hoya, and he still said, ‘You’re not fighting him. It’s not happening.’ So what makes you guys think you’re gonna fight Jorge Masvidal? Unless you want to come to Miami, meet at that same gym, and then do it the Masvidal way. But hey, you didn’t hear it from me, I’m not saying s**t.”

Watch the interaction below:

Jake Paul vs. Jorge Masvidal next?

‘The Problem Child’ and ‘Gamebred’ seemed to be on very good terms prior to Paul’s fight against Ben Askren. Masvidal even helped train the YouTuber for the bout. However, it appears their relationship has gone sour after Jorge Masvidal picked Tyron Woodley to beat Jake Paul.

Jake Paul resultantly had some words for Jorge Masvidal, calling him names and claiming he’d fight him in the future. Paul even said that he’d fight Jorge Masvidal and not Tommy Fury next.

Not one to take it lying down, Jorge Masvidal was quick to retort.

Whether Jake Paul is serious or not about fighting Jorge Masvidal is not clear at the moment. ‘The Problem Child’ could very well be saying it for the headlines. That said, it won’t be too outlandish to say that this fight could perhaps materialize at some point in the future in a boxing ring.

One thing is for sure – Jake Paul isn’t meeting ‘Gamebred’ in Miami to fight on Masvidal’s terms. There’s only one way that would go, and ‘The Problem Child’ knows that all too well.


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