Friday, March 24, 2023

Front Row to Release Potentially Explosive doc ‘ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour’ Across the Middle East

Prominent Middle East distributor Front Row Filmed Entertainment has acquired all Middle East and North Africa distribution rights for potentially explosive documentary “ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour,” directed by Lebanese-born Australian filmmaker Daizy Gedeon, which it plans to release theatrically across the region.

Front Row on Tuesday announced closing the deal with Australian production company Dream Creations on the doc which it says delves into Lebanon’s alleged deep state corruption, mismanagement of government institutions and infrastructure, embezzlement of funds, and the political players and parties behind the country’s current collapse that culminated in the tragic Beirut port blast on Aug. 4, 2020 –– one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded –– in which more than 200 people died.

Front Row in a statement said it has submitted “ENOUGH! Lebanon’s Darkest Hour” to Lebanese censors. In the unlikely event that it passes censorship in Lebanon the plan is to for its Middle East rollout this fall to start with a Lebanese theatrical premiere. A streaming release in the region on an undisclosed platform will follow in February 2022.

It’s clear that both the doc’s director and its Middle East distributor see “ENOUGH!” as playing a possibly influential role in Lebanon’s upcoming parliamentary elections which are scheduled for May 2022, which the Lebanese expat vote could turn out to be key.

With an estimated 16 million people, Lebanon has one of the largest diasporas in the world, with the majority of Lebanese expats living in Latin America, the US/Canada and Australia.

“The diaspora are the sleeping giant,” said Gedeon, a filmmaker and activist who previously directed the doc “Lebanon…Imprisoned Splendor,” featuring Omar Sharif.

“If we play our cards right we could be a powerful force for change and influence a decisive shift in the balance of power away from the political elite who have abused the people, the country and the diaspora for more than 40 years.”

“For us, ENOUGH! is not only a fascinating expose on the deeply entrenched corruption that has crippled Lebanon, but also a key message to encourage viewers who can vote to go out there and do their part” noted Front Row CEO Gianluca Chacra. in the statement.

The “ENOUGH! Lebanon’s  deal was negotiated by non-theatrical sales director Carine Chaiban and CEO Gianluca Chakra for Front Row and Daizy Gedeon and producer Ronny Mouawad for Dreams Creations International.


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