Saturday, January 28, 2023

GTA 6 fan’s sign at AEW Dynamite demands GTA 6 release announcement

A GTA fan took the opportunity to address Rockstar during a recent AEW Dynamite match. He held up a sign requesting an official announcement for GTA 6.

This measure may seem quite extreme, but many fans feel that there’s no other choice left. Rockstar hasn’t revealed anything regarding the next GTA title, even though many reliable sources have been reporting on it.

According to some of these rumors, the next game will be released in 2025. If this is true, the gap between GTA 5 and GTA 6 will be over a decade. Hence, fans have been left agitated over the prospect of playing the next game.

GTA 6: Fan raises sign demanding GTA 6 announcement at AEW Dynamite match

The NOW Arena witnessed some peculiar developments when AEW traveled to Chicago for the final edition of Dynamite before All Out. A wrestling fan in the crowd also turned out to be a gaming fan when they flashed his unique placard. The banner said “Announce GTA VI”, as can be seen from the image in the tweet below.

Naturally, fans found the incident to be quite amusing:

This isn’t the first time that GTA 6 fans have attempted to get Rockstar’s attention. A German GTA 6 fan interrupted a live TV show earlier this week to inquire about the game’s release date. The fan rushed onto the show and asked, “Where is GTA 6?” in the middle of an ongoing interview.

AEW is one of the fastest-growing weekly shows on television today, averaging around a million viewers in the US during its initial broadcast. That’s a lot of potential exposure for the GTA message, especially when international and replay viewers are factored in.

The growing hype for GTA 6 seems to be on its way to becoming a cultural phenomenon itself. With the amount of coverage GTA 5 received in the mainstream media, it will be interesting to see how the next game fares. If it breaks all previous records, it could well become the biggest entertainment product ever made.


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