Friday, March 31, 2023

“He’s a victim of his own power” – Michael Bisping explains why Tyron Woodley failed to beat Jake Paul in their boxing bout

Following his split decision loss at the hands of Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley has found himself on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of flak. Michael Bisping recently opened up about what went wrong for Tyron Woodley in the Showtime PPV.

While in conversation with Luis J. Gomez on the Believe You Me podcast, Michael Bisping offered fans some insight into the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight. He went on to break down the former UFC welterweight champ’s errant approach to the contest.

“I knew Tyron was going to lose this fight. He’s a victim of his own success or his own power. He wants that one shot. Jake just had the higher output. He wasn’t the better boxer, necessarily. But he threw more, he landed more. Not much more, but he landed more. And Tyron, for the most part, just waited for the perfect opportunity,” said Michael Bisping.

Catch the entire segment with Michael Bisping and Luis J. Gomez below:

Michael Bisping reveals what Tyron Woodley should have done

Tyron Woodley was majorly flamed on social media for his reluctance to throw hands in a sport that is all about throwing hands. Looking to set up a single shot to bring Jake Paul down, Woodley was seemingly on a quest to prove his explosive power.

With a vast difference in their physical stature, Michael Bisping asserted that Tyron Woodley’s insistence on throwing a counter after Jake Paul threw a punch was fallacious.

“You’ve got to put combinations together. He needed to cut of the ring, force him into the corner, take away the reach advantage. So Tyron’s standing at range, just outside the range where the taller guy can’t catch him. So Jake was coming in with a jab and at that point, Tyron’s trying to counter. Tyron’s not close. Tyron can’t actually physically reach him there. When you’re the shorter guy that’s not what you do. When you’re the shorter guy you’ve got to press the action,” said Michael Bisping.

Harking back to the way Mike Tyson put his opponents away, Michael Bisping admitted that Tyron Woodley should have taken a page out of Mike Tyson’s book. Gunning for a rematch against Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley would do well to take note of these suggestions and put them to good use to overcome the YouTuber-turned-boxer once and for all.


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