Thursday, March 30, 2023

“He’s now the meme” – Tyron Woodley reflects on his performance against Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley recently discussed his performance in a boxing match with Jake Paul. Woodley, who made his debut in the boxing ring, lost to Paul via split decision in a close fight at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani, the former UFC welterweight champion said he was delighted by his performance against Paul and how he approached the fight. ‘The Chosen One’ said:

“I was very, very happy about my performance, especially walking him down… He’s now the meme, with the ropes, dangling in there.”

‘The Problem Child’ absorbed a massive right hand from Tyron Woodley in the fourth round, possibly the biggest shot of the night. The overhand seemed to rattle the Cleveland native, pushing him back through the ropes and eventually making its way into the social media ‘meme’ market.

‘The Chosen One’ was unable to capitalize on the opportunity, however, and Paul showed great composure to get back to his rhythm and ultimately win the flight.

Woodley further stated:

“There’s couple of things that I could’ve did differently…I was trying to be calculated but I saw him hurt several times, I was walking him down, I was hitting him with hard shots, he was hitting me with hard shots I’d just eat em’ and just kept coming forwards…he was breathing hard, I walked him down and he ran from me the whole fight.”

Watch Tyron Woodley’s full interview with Ariel Helwani on MMA Fighting’s official YouTube channel below:

Tyron Woodley criticized ropes surrounding the boxing ring

During an Instagram Live session, Tyron Woodley revealed that the ropes surrounding the ring held Jake Paul up when he was hit with the overhand right during the contest. ‘The Chosen One’ said:

“I hit him with the power shots, the rope held him up. I wanna share a story with y’all. I always do a walkthrough every single time I do a fight. I’ve been doing this since my first UFC fight ever. I went to the arena yesterday morning, we did the whole walktrhough. I look at the ropes, the motherf***ing ropes are right here on my head. I’m like, what the f*** kinda ring is this? Why are the ropes so high? ‘Oh, we’ve had this rope for Earl Spencer,’ they named me all these people they had the ropes for.”

Watch Tyron Woodley talk about the ropes here:

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