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How to buy and sell items in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Dating back several years, Hypixel’s Skyblock is one of Minecraft’s most popular servers and its community has only been enhanced by the massive in-game economy it sports.

Thanks to amenities set forward by the developers of Hypixel’s servers, players have many ways to buy and sell items at their leisure in order to enhance their experience. Whether it’s for blocks to improve their private island, gear to help them defeat hostile mobs in a given area or some goodies to improve their skill grinding, Hypixel Skyblock can help players make it happen. For players who aren’t fans of trading, Hypixel’s Auction House, Bazaar, and trading NPCs are a great avenue to get whatever is needed.

Minecraft: What to know about the Bazaar and Auction House

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

Minecraft players new to Hypixel’s Skyblock server can find a primer on how the main economic hubs in the server operate below:

Auction House

  • Found on the Hub Island west of the Village spawn, the Auction House or “AH” allows players to post items for sale for other players in the community to bid on.
  • Players creating auctions can select a starting price and a duration until the item’s sale to the top bidder.
  • Auction processes can be initiated by interacting with the Auction Master or Auction Agent NPCS found within the premises.
  • Additionally, Minecraft players with an active Booster Cookie item can type “/ah” into the game’s chat to access the Auction House remotely without being anywhere near the location.
  • The Auction House will require coin fees in order to use. 5% of the player’s set asking price as well as additional coins based on how long the player wishes to hold the auction for.
  • When browsing through the Auction House’s items, Minecraft players have a large number of filters to choose from including an item’s type (Weapons, armor, accessories, blocks, consumables, and miscellaneous items and tools) and its rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, and Supreme).
  • There is also a Buy It Now (BIN) function allowing players to immediately buy out an auction for a certain price and not risk being outbid by others.


  • The Bazaar (BZ) is accessed via interacting with the Bazaar NPC. The building itself is located in Bazaar Alley of Hub island, right next to the Auction House.
  • Similarly to the Auction House, Minecraft players with an active Booster Cookie can use the command “/bz” to access the Bazaar from other areas in Hypixel.
  • In order to access the Bazaar, players will need to have a Farming, Foraging and Mining level of seven or higher.
  • As opposed to items in the Auction House, some of which can be incredibly rare and/or pricey, the Bazaar tends to work more off of common commodities that tend to be bought in bulk. These commodities include several standard materials and resources found in vanilla Minecraft (ingots, common construction blocks, standard foodstuffs, coal, etc.)
  • Items are categorized into Farming, Mining, Combat, Woods/Fish, and Oddity sections, allowing for easier sorting.
  • Players may buy and sell items instantly, but also place buy or sell orders which can move items in large quantities. These orders last for multiple days until they expire, giving the in-game economy time to fulfill the request.

In addition to the Auction House and Bazaar, Hypixel’s Minecraft Skyblock server also has tons of NPCs spread throughout the game world that are willing to buy and sell items as well. Some of these characters are dedicated merchants, while others are NPCs tied to a specific area. Regardless, Minecraft players should make note of them as they explore, you never know when you might need to stop by and sample their wares.

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