Wednesday, June 07, 2023

How to catch Wooloo in Pokemon GO

Wooloo, along with a whole ton of other Galar Pokemon, are flooding into Pokemon GO through their newest event.

Wooloo joined Mareep as the only sheep Pokemon introduced into the game. Interestingly, Wooloo is one of the first Pokemon seen outside the player’s house in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Its evolution, Dubwool, was known for its Fluffy ability that halves the damage received from contact moves. Now, Pokemon GO players can try their luck with this Pokemon as well.

Generation VII introduced to Pokemon GO through Ultra Unlock part 3

Wooloo’s arrival in the game is part of the Ultra Unlock in August. The Pokemon GO community was able to complete the Global Challenge in June, which subsequently unlocked all three parts of the Ultra Unlock.

Now that the first two parts are done (featuring Dialga and Palkia respectively), the third part seems to be focused on Generation VIII.

With that being the case, Wooloo became one of the lucky Galar Pokemon to be introduced through this new event. Wooloo will be seen more frequently in the wild, so trainers should have no trouble finding this Pokemon. Other Generation VIII Pokemon that will be popping up in the wild will be Skwovet and Falinks.

There will also be new Field Research tasks along with Ultra Unlock part 3. Completing these tasks will give players a potential encounter with Wooloo, as well as Skwovet and Falinks. Timed Research may also yield encounters with Pokemon from Galar.

Another large aspect of this Ultra Unlock will be the arrival of the mascots of Generation VIII. Both Zacian and Zamazenta are making their way into Pokemon GO as five star raid bosses. Starting from August 20th, the first week will feature Zacian while the following one will belong to Zamazenta.

The focus on Pokemon from the Galar region may have taken some people by surprise as until recently, Niantic had been going through Generation VI Pokemon.

It’s likely, though, that the emphasis on the newest generation is just for this occasion. In future events, the company may redirect its focus to Generation VI again.

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