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How to get swamp villagers in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are five types of villages that a player can find. These are plains, acacia, snowy, desert and taiga, named after the appropriate biomes that the villages are found in.

Villagers who live in Minecraft villages will be dressed in a manner that matches their surroundings. For example, an acacia villager might appear orange and green in appearance.

What some Minecraft players may not know is there are villagers types in the Minecraft world that do not have naturally generated villages to live in. One of those is the swamp villager.

Perhaps in a future Minecraft update, swamp villages will be implemented and naturally generated. Until then, here is how to get a swamp villager in Minecraft.

Getting a swamp villager in Minecraft: A step-by-step guide

Step 1

Minecraft villagers (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
Minecraft villagers (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

Getting a swamp villager in Minecraft can be quite simple. The first step is to locate the important areas to complete this task.

First, players must find a village. Most villages have many villagers, but for this endeavor, there must be at least two.

Additionally, players must locate a swamp biome. A village and a swamp are essential for getting a swamp villager, and the closer a village is to a swamp biome, the easier this will be.

Step 2

A villager in a boat with a player (Image via Apex Hosting)
A villager in a boat with a player (Image via Apex Hosting)

Once the important locations have been found, two villagers must be transported to the swamp biome. Perhaps the best way to go about this is through the use of a boat.

Villagers can be placed in boats and the player can hop in as well to drive the villager to the desired location. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, two villagers can sit in the same boat and be dragged to the swamp biome using a lead, eliminating the need for two trips.

Step 3

When the villagers are brought to the swamp biome, it is important to keep the villagers in an enclosed space so they don’t wander away. Any sort of enclosure will do, but this might be motivation for players to build an entire swamp village.

Since swamp villages are not naturally generated in Minecraft, players can take it upon themselves to create one. The best part about this is that the swamp village can be designed in whatever way a player pleases.

Step 4

Swamp villagers (Image via Reddit)
Swamp villagers (Image via Reddit)

The most important part of making a swamp villager is the breeding. Players must breed their villagers while in a swamp biome to create a swamp villager.

There are a few different ways to ensure that a villager will breed. Typically, villagers need plenty of food and beds in order to willingly breed.

Once the villagers have bred, their child should be a swamp villager as it will spawn within the swamp biome. Some players have discovered that it takes multiple tries to accomplish this, so players should continually breed their villagers until they get the desired result.

Alternative methods

There are two other possible ways to get a swamp villager in Minecraft.

One alternative is to cure a zombie villager while in a swamp biome. This is an entirely different process with its own unique steps.

The only other way to go about getting a swamp villager in Minecraft is to find one naturally generated. Since swamp villages are not in the game, the only way a swamp villager can naturally generate is when a regular village intersects with a swamp biome. Even then, the chances of a swamp villager generating under these circumstances are quite slim.


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