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How to get the Sharpness enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft players hoping to pack some more melee firepower with their weapons may want to consider enchanting their sword or axe with the Sharpness enchantment, making them cause more damage per hit.

Players hoping to get the Sharpness enchantment will likely need to rely on an Enchanting Table to get the job done.

However, there are also enchanted books to consider, which can be applied to the necessary weapons if they carry the Sharpness enchantment.

Fortunately, Sharpness is a fairly common enchantment, so it doesn’t take too much effort on the player’s part in order to apply it to their weapons. In just a few steps, players should be hitting much harder with their preferred melee weapon.

Minecraft: Enchanting a sword or axe with Sharpness

Image via Mojang
Image via Mojang

The primary way most Minecraft players apply Sharpness to their weapons is via the Enchanting Table.

Once crafted by using one book, two diamonds, and four blocks of obsidian, the Enchanting Table will require some of the player’s experience levels as well Lapis Lazuli as fuel in order to provide enchantments.

By placing bookshelves close to the Enchanting Table, runes will transfer to the table and increase the enchantment levels that players have access to at the table.

Once they’ve stocked up on XP and Lapis, opening the Enchanting Table and placing a sword or axe into the first slot of the enchanting menu while placing Lapis Lazuli in the second should list a few enchantments to the right of the menu.

By hovering over these listings, Minecraft players can see what enchantments are currently available. The enchantment’s cost is also listed.

If Sharpness doesn’t immediately pop up as an option, don’t worry! Simply by enchanting another item, the list of enchantments generated by the Enchantment Table will refresh, giving players another opportunity to find what they need.

Eventually, Sharpness will pop up between levels one and five. If the level is satisfactory, players simply need to click the listed enchantment and it will apply to the weapon.

For Minecraft players who have found an enchanted book that contains Sharpness, the process is somewhat easier.

By simply crafting an anvil (three blocks of iron, four iron ingots) or using one already available, players can “repair” their weapon and apply the enchantment onto it from the enchanted book.

Simply place the sword/axe in the first slot of the anvil’s menu and place the Sharpness-enchanted book in the second. Remove the newly-enchanted weapon from the anvil, and the job is complete.

All that’s left is to test out the newly-empowered melee weapon on some Minecraft mobs, hostile or otherwise.

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