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How to top up Free Fire diamonds with 100% bonus offer: Eligibility, process and more details

The majority of exclusive items in Free Fire, like characters, pets, emotes, and costumes can be purchased using diamonds. The virtual currency of the battle royale title can also be used for other purposes like changing nicknames and guild names.

However, they aren’t free, and there is a cost associated with Free Fire diamonds. Users can acquire them via the in-game top-up center or using websites like Games Kharido. The latter is one of the most popular options as it offers users a 100% bonus.

Details about 100% bonus diamonds top-up in Free Fire

Eligibility and more

The 100% top-up bonus on Games Kharido is only on the first purchase. Hence, only users who are buying in-game currency for the first time will be eligible to attain double the amount of diamonds.

On every subsequent purchase, players will receive a 10% bonus.


Players can follow this procedure to purchase diamonds with a 100% bonus:

Step 1: Using this link, you should go to the official website of Games Kharido.

Step 2: Once you have reached the website, choose the Free Fire option.

Players need to  (Image via Games Kharido)

On the website, you need to select the Free Fire option (Image via Games Kharido)

Step 3: The two login options will show up on your screen – Facebook and Player ID. You are required to log in using one of the methods.

Step 4: After this, the various top-up options will appear. Choose the desired one and select any of the three payment options – PayTM, UPI or Net Banking.

You need to select the required top-up option and then make the purchase (Image via Games Kharido)
You need to select the required top-up option and then make the purchase (Image via Games Kharido)

Step 5: Finally, you should click on “Proceed to Payment” and complete the transaction using the payment method.

Diamonds will be credited to your Free Fire account, and they can be used to acquire in-game items.

Top up prices

Listed below are the prices of diamonds on Games Kharido:

  • ₹40 – 50 diamonds + bonus 50
  • ₹80 – 100 diamonds + bonus 100
  • ₹240 – 310 diamonds + bonus 310
  • ₹400 – 520 diamonds + bonus 520
  • ₹800 – 1060 diamonds + bonus 1060
  • ₹1600 – 2180 diamonds + bonus 2180
  • ₹4000 – 5600 diamonds + bonus 5600

(Note: As mentioned above, this is only on the first purchase.)

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