Friday, March 31, 2023

‘It was the right thing’: Jacksonville Jaguars HC Urban Meyer addresses media after franchise releases Tim Tebow

The Tim Tebow at tight end experiment is officially over in Jacksonville with the team choosing to waive the 34-year-old today.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has a long-standing relationship with Tebow that dates back to their time together at the University of Florida from 2006-2009. Naturally, all the focus has fallen on Meyer, with Tebow finding himself out of a job this week.

Meyer addressed the media today after news of Tebow’s release spread.

“It’s tough … we knew that was an uphill battle for Tim,” Meyer said. “Players loved him. Locker room loved him. But it was the right thing.”

The Jags coach was then asked by a reporter if this was the end of Tebow’s pro football career.

“I would guess it is. We didn’t get that deep with it. Obviously, he’s his own man … elite warrior, elite competitor, but he’s also 34 years old.”

Urban Meyer then spoke about how the former Florida Gators star QB took the news of his release.

“Great. We talked last night, talked again this morning. As I did with the other guys.”

Tim Tebow’s NFL comeback falls short

After weeks of rumors and hints from NFL insiders, Tim Tebow signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars on May 20, 2021. While the news came as a surprise to some, many NFL experts had doubts about Tebow’s ability to make the Jags’ final roster, especially with the 2010 first-round draft pick trying out as a tight end.

Tebow’s signing with the Jaguars also reignited the Colin Kaepernick debate. NFL and other sports media members questioned why a 34-year-old Tim Tebow was getting an opportunity ahead of Kaepernick and Eric Reid.

One memorable NFL preseason appearance

Tebow competed throughout Jaguars training camp and was given an opportunity to show his abilities at tight end in an NFL preseason game.

Unfortunately for Tebow, his one stint playing tight end did not go well. One specific blocking play instantly became a meme/GIF that was shared hundreds, if not thousands, of times across social media.

Aside from that unforgettable blocking sequence, Tebow did very little in his debut game for the Jaguars. He was targeted once but did not complete the catch.

Tim Tebow’s former college coach, mentor and friend Urban Meyer ultimately chose to not prolong the 34-year-old’s struggles by releasing him before the Jags’ next game on Monday.


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