Wednesday, March 22, 2023

“It would be nice if they could look at me from a different lens” – Jake Paul wants the boxing community to recognize what he’s trying to do for the sport

Jake Paul has been fighting for a rightful seat at the combat sports table ever since he forayed into the boxing circuit.

With his upcoming fight and his continuing journey in the squared circle, the YouTuber-turned-boxer hopes to solidify his position within the sport and in the eyes of the fans. In an interview with iFL TV, Jake Paul said:

“It would be nice if they could maybe look at me from a different lens and see what I’m trying to do. Which is just bring more eyeballs to the sport. Give boxing a breath of fresh air and bring my 60 million social media followers and convert them into boxing fans so that this sport can grow as a whole,” declared Jake Paul.

Watch iFL TV’s full interview with Jake Paul below:

Can Jake Paul bring a wave of change to the sport?

Jake Paul, ever since he made a name for himself in the combat sports community, has lobbied for a series of changes. Being a voice for fair pay for fighters in the MMA community is perhaps his biggest project.

While he tends to walk away from every one of his fights with a purse full to the brim, he makes sure that fighters on his card are paid their fair share. Showtime Sports’ Stephen Espinoza confirmed as much.

Coupling his altruistic behavior with his surprisingly sublime performances in the ring, Jake Paul could make his way into the fans’ hearts. What’s more, the online star is a massive supporter of marketing fighters and the sport in a way that attracts more eyes to it.

“I’m advocating for changes to be made in the sport. I’m advocating for fighters to look at how they brand themselves differently and telling them about marketing, social media. I’m just trying to make a change. So it would just be nice for them to look at it from a different lens and see that,” admitted Jake Paul.

Being on the receiving end of a significant amount of flak from purists of the sport is certainly no cakewalk. Transgressions like Jake Paul’s ‘Gotcha Hat’ episode only made it harder for fans to see past his antics and isolate his boxing pedigree.

Nonetheless, it is not all doom and gloom for ‘The Problem Child’. If the Cleveland native can dispatch Tyron Woodley in their upcoming clash, his stock will only grow to new heights. What’s more, it may grant Jake Paul the stamp of legitimacy that he’s looking for.


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