Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Jake Paul gets murdered” – Jorge Masvidal is sure Tyron Woodley will emerge victorious in boxing debut

Jorge Masvidal has no doubt his American Top Team (ATT) teammate, Tyron Woodley, will have a successful professional boxing debut. The 36-year-old believes Jake Paul will endure a brutal beatdown from Woodley.

Masvidal is coming off a title loss at the hands of Kamaru Usman at UFC 261. He is now hoping to return to the octagon before the end of the year.

Hilariously predicting the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight, Masvidal said the former UFC welterweight champion will have to hire a lawyer to defend himself against a murder charge.

“My prediction for tonight: Jake Paul gets murdered. Tyron Woodley catches a case, gets a great lawyer to defend him because he made a lot of money,” said Jorge Masvidal.

Watch Masvidal’s prediction below:

The rivalry between Woodley and Paul has intensified in the past week. At the press conference on Thursday, the 3-0 boxer’s teammate reportedly insulted Woodley’s mother, which almost sparked a brawl.

Following their staredown yesterday, the duo was once again on the verge of a scuffle before security separated them.

Woodley, having been released from the UFC this year, is taking his baby steps towards the realm of professional boxing. The 39-year-old has said he is open to continuing his boxing run after settling his scores with Jake Paul.

Jorge Masvidal’s relationship with Jake Paul has turned sour

Until a few days back, it almost seemed like Jake Paul and Jorge Masvidal were on friendly footing. Ahead of Paul’s fight against Ben Askren, he was seen training with ‘Gamebred’.

But when Masvidal predicted that teammate Woodley would beat Paul, ‘The Problem Child’ clearly got annoyed.

“I wasn’t surprised by Masvidal. He has the same manager as Woodley and the guy’s kind of an airhead. Let’s be honest, Masvidal’s not smart. Does anyone listen to a Masvidal interview and go, ‘Wow, that guy’s intellectual and he’s a smart guy and the way he talks, he’s very well spoken.’ I don’t think anyone says that. He’s a street fighter, gangster, who got knocked the f*ck out in his last fight, so maybe he’s losing a couple of brain cells,” Jake Paul said about Jorge Masvidal.

Masvidal, however, was quick to fire back at Jake Paul.

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