Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Jennifer Yu Heads Cast of Hong Kong Crime Drama ‘Forensic Psychologist’

Jennifer Yu (“Sisterhood,” “Flying Tiger 2”) leads an all-star cast in “Forensic Psychologist,” a psychological crime series which starts shooting from September in Hong Kong.

The 12×30 minute explores the work of a forensic psychologist who must assess the mental state of alleged criminals to determine whether they are mentally fit to stand trial. The story explores the topic of mental health and its relation to criminal behavior.

The 12-episode series is helmed by various directors including showrunner Bizhan Tong (“Lockdown”) who is simultaneously developing an English-language version with Debbie Mason, co-founder of Kudos (“Life on Mars,” “Spooks”). “Forensic Psychologist” is produced by AMM Global and Phoenix Waters Productions, which was recently acquired by Coinllectibles.

Other cast include: Crisel Consunji (“Still Human”), Wiyona Yeung (“We Are Legends”), Locker Lam (“Zero to Hero”), Jason Wu, Bryant Mak (“My Prince Edward”), Gigi & Sabrina Cheung, Jai Day (“Chasing the Dragon”), Fat Cheong (“Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong”), Ng Wing Sze (“The Abortionist”), Zoe Yu (“A Perfect Day for Arsenide”), Ronny Lay (“Sorina Fok”), Shaopin Tsui (“Till Death Do Us Part”), Yuki Law, and Kenneth Cheung (“PTU”).


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