Thursday, March 30, 2023

Justin Gaethje gives last-minute prediction for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley

Justin Gaethje is expecting Tyron Woodley to beat Jake Paul. The No.2-ranked UFC lightweight believes the years of experience Woodley has acquired inside the octagon will help him outclass Paul.

Paul and Woodley are set to collide in the main event of the Showtime PPV scheduled to take place later tonight.

Taking to Instagram to give his prediction, Gaethje said Woodley is far more skilled on the feet than Paul’s previous opponent, Ben Askren. ‘The Highlight’ also added that Woodley will pull no punches against Jake Paul and will be as ferocious as he was in his last UFC fight opposite Vicente Luque.

“I’m going with Woodley because of his experience. Last time, this Paul dude got Ben Askren, much less of a standing fighter, great on the ground but not a boxer. It’s a boxing match. So, Woodley has got power. I think he’s little pis**d off which is always a good thing when it comes to fighting. He’s gonna show up, he’s not going out like no bi**h. Like his last UFC fight, he didn’t go out like no bi**h. I think he’s gonna come out and hopefully finish this kid. I think it’s worth putting at least 20 bucks on him,” said Gaethje.

Watch Justin Gaethje give his prediction below:

Coach B.J. Flores think Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley will be a “one-sided” contest

B.J. Flores, Jake Paul’s coach, will certainly be dismissive of Justin Gaethje’s prediction. The former professional boxer believes Paul will rather easily cruise past Tyron Woodley and give him a “one-sided” beatdown.

Flores thinks Woodley will find it tough to keep up with Jake Paul’s pace and consequently run out of breath as the fight progresses further.

“It’s going to be one-sided. Do not get that misunderstood. It’s going to be one-sided. And, you know, hopefully, Tyron goes three, four, five rounds. That’d be great if he did. If he goes five rounds, just know that Tyron will have worked his a** off in camp to get into those fourth and fifth rounds because no sparring partners were really able to do that. So, it’s going to be tough for him to get that deep in the fight,” said Flores.

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