Friday, March 24, 2023

League of Legends LCK announces their All-pro teams for 2021, Faker does not make it to the list

League of Legends LCK recently announced three squads composed of players from the league who have performed exceptionally well.

It is a combination of players from various teams, and none of the three squads have all players from one team. Several players made it into these squads, even though T1’s Faker failed to get a spot in any of them. This is quite a surprise considering the performance that T1 had across the summer.

This is probably a representation that T1 is no longer just a team that has Faker in it, rather a team whose players are capable of standing on their own.

Faker’s absence from the League of Legends All-pro LCK squads might show that his era is finally over

League of Legends has evolved quite a lot since the last time T1 won a World title. The growth of new mid-laners in the LCK is a clear representation of the same. Currently, DWG’s ShowMaker, Gen.G’s Bdd and HLE’s Chovy are the players who have made more impact for their squads than Faker.

Other than that, ShowMaker is already considered one of the best mid-laners in the world. It is important to realize that these newer players who have managed to develop an even greater outlook towards it. This has led them to surpass Faker, atleast in terms of performance. Faker, however, remains the number one player in terms of achievements and he has survived the scene for quite a long duration.

It is, however, essential to celebrate and credit the newer players who are currently dominating the League of Legends LCK scene. The three All-Pro LCK squads have been presented below.

1) All LCK Team One

All LCK First team (Image via League of Legends)
All LCK First team (Image via League of Legends)
  • ShowMaker (Mid)
  • Kiin (Top)
  • Peanut (Jungle)
  • deokdam (adc)
  • Keria (support)

2) All LCK Team Two

All-LCK second team (Image via League of Legends)
All-LCK second team (Image via League of Legends)
  • Bdd (Mid)
  • Khan (Top)
  • Canyon (Jungle)
  • Ruler (Adc)
  • Kellin (Support)

3) All LCK Team Three

All LCK Third Team (Image via League of Legends)
All LCK Third Team (Image via League of Legends)
  • Chovy (Mid)
  • Summit (Top)
  • Croco (Jungle)
  • Prince (Adc)
  • Effort (Support)

Apart from that, Kkoma became the manager of the season and Croco was crowned as the rookie of the season. Finally, Nongshim Redforce’s Gori got crowned as the Player of the season.


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