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Listing Stephen Curry’s head-to-head record against all the NBA MVPs since he last won the award in 2016

Stephen Curry is arguably the best ever franchise player that the Golden State Warriors have ever had. Since joining as the seventh overall pick of the 2009 NBA draft, Curry has won three championships and two MVP awards, the last of which came during the 2015-16 season.

Since then, a total of four NBA players have won the MVP, including newly crowned championship winner Giannis Antetokounmpo, who has won the award twice, like Curry. Considering the overall Warriors’ dynasty that Curry was an integral part of, he has a brilliant record against the MVP winners who won after him. In this article, we look at his head-to-head against all MVP winners 2016.

Stephen Curry head-to-head record with NBA MVPs since he won the award in 2016

Stephen Curry is widely recognized as the best shooter that the NBA has ever seen. He has over the years played with a range of elite stars, most notably includes the likes of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant. He along with Klay Thompson, are often called the “Splash brothers,” and are two of the best players that have ever played for the Warriors. Without further ado, we look at Curry’s overall record against the four MVP winners:

#4 Russell Westbrook (17-15)

Westbrook will once again be up against Stephen Curry’ Warriors in the Western Conference. The two have played three seasons’ worth of regular-season games so far, with Westbrook having one of the best records against Curry among the MVP winners since 2016.

Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are in the same conference again
Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry are in the same conference again

Out of 32 games, Curry has won 17 and lost 15, with his individual record one of the worst against Westbrook’s teams over the years. Curry has outplayed Westbrook but averages 24.6 points, 4.9 assists and 4.1 rebounds, with Westbrook dominating in most statistics except, as one would expect, shooting.

#3 James Harden (18-14)

James Harden has not recently played against the Warriors in regular-season games but came up against Curry multiple times during his Houston Rockets days. Harden has an impressive record against the dominant Warriors, considering the two were in the same conference back when the Warriors had the best team in the NBA.

Out of 32 matches, Harden has managed to lead the Rockets to 14 victories, and has even outplayed Curry during these games. Harden has averaged 22.5 points in comparison to Curry’s 24.2, but leads in rebounds and steals both. Harden has the second-best record among winners since Curry last won the award.


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