Thursday, March 30, 2023

Margie Ghigo Overwhelmingly Reelected To SAG-AFTRA National Board By Arizona-Utah Local

Margie Ghigo has been reelected to SAG-AFTRA’s national board representing the Arizona-Utah Local, swamping her challenger Lela Hough by a vote of 201-27. Of the local’s 986 eligible members, 230 voted (23.33%).

Ghigo, who was endorsed by the union’s ruling Unite for Strength party, said in her campaign statement that “Serving as your National Board member, former National Vice President and local President has been an honor and commitment. I’ve lived and worked here since ’75 and believe our AZ-UT members are as active and professional as any across this country. I am eager to continue to keep us safe, protect our contracts, provide support for our members, and help secure work under Union contracts. Everyone is ready to get back to work and have more access to jobs. My experience, involvement, and desire to be part of the process is why I am asking for your confidence and vote.”

Hough, who was running as an independent candidate, did not post a campaign statement on the ballots, which were counted Friday.

Ballots in the races for national president and secretary-treasurer, and for the local elections in Los Angeles and New York, will be counted on September 2.


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