Thursday, March 23, 2023

“Meanest” – Top Champion describes Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon, and WWE legends with one or two words 

During a recent interview with Sony Sports India, Bianca Belair played a fun game, where she had to describe popular WWE figures with actual or made-up words ending with ‘EST.’

Here’s how the EST of WWE described the company’s chairman, Vince McMahon:

“Only one EST? I can’t pick one EST. He’s the ‘greatest’ and the ‘smartest,'” said Bianca Belair.

When it came to Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Belair judged him based on his villainous on-screen character:

“Right now, I think he’s [Roman Reigns] like, the ‘meanest.'”

The SmackDown Women’s Champion also called Reigns’ special counsel, Paul Heyman, the “most talkative-est,” while describing WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus as the “prettiest” and the “legend-est.”

Additionally, she termed John Cena one of the “greatest” and the “most invisible-est.” The EST of WWE did not have to use a made-up word for R-Truth, who, according to her and many fans, is simply the “funniest.”

Roman Reigns and Bianca Belair’s WWE SummerSlam matches

Sasha Banks (left) and Bianca Belair (right) on Friday Night SmackDown
Sasha Banks (left) and Bianca Belair (right) on Friday Night SmackDown

On August 21, WWE SummerSlam will emanate from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. At the pay-per-view, Belair and Reigns are set to defend their titles in singles matches.

John Cena has stepped up to challenge Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at the Biggest Party of the Summer. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair will face Sasha Banks during SummerSlam with the SmackDown Women’s Championship at stake.

On WWE television, Reigns and Belair have previously faced their aforementioned opponents only once.

Legends such as Edge and Goldberg are also set to wrestle during the company’s second-biggest pay-per-view of the year. Goldberg is aiming to win the WWE Championship from Bobby Lashley, while Edge and Seth Rollins’ non-title match could feature excellent storytelling.

In the video embedded above, feel free to check out the backstage details regarding Reigns and Cena’s feud.


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