Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Munich Terror Drama Set At Sky From CBS Studios & Amusement Park Film

Sky has ordered a terrorist drama series about an incident in Germany set 50 years after the Munich massacre.

The broadcaster has ordered Munich Match (w/t) from CBS Studios, A Most Wanted Man producer Amusement Park Film and its own Sky Studios.

It marks one of the most high-profile projects for CBS Studios internationally after the ViacomCBS unit began ramping up its global presence.

The series will launch across all Sky territories including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland with production starting this month in Germany.

The six-part series is set 50 years after the Munich Massacre; a traumatic terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. It’s now 2022, and on the anniversary of the attack, Munich is hosting a ‘friendly’ soccer game between an Israeli and a German football club. Tensions and nerves are running high, with the political stakes even higher as the eyes of the world watch on. Everything is being done to make the match a safe and peaceful event. But when things start to fall apart, it seems history might be repeating all over again.

Created by Fauda writer Michal Aviram, who wrote the scripts with Martin Behnke. Philipp Kadelbach is directing. Daniel Brühl, Amelie von Kienlin, Malte Grunert from Amusement Park Film, Frank Jastfelder and Julia Jaensch from Sky Studios, Meghan Lyvers from CBS Studios, Michal Aviram and Philipp Kadelbach serve as executive producers while Martin Behnke serves as co-executive producer.

ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group will distribute the series outside of German speaking territories, the UK, and Italy.

“When Israeli author Michal Aviram first told us about her idea for Munich Match, we were immediately fascinated,” said Amusement Park Film’s Amelie von Kienlin. “This modern multinational thriller is not only deeply rooted in Germany’s traumatic history, but also fulfills Amusement Park Film’s ambition to tell stories that are relevant and appeal to an international audience at the same time. We are also fans of political thrillers, a genre with enormous potential that we feel has been neglected in German programming so far. With the authors Michal Aviram and Martin Behnke and the director Philipp Kadelbach, we couldn’t have asked for a better creative team to work on this series, and we are extremely happy to be working with Sky and CBS Studios, who have proven to be true partners.”

“Munich Match is a remarkably authentic thriller series with a threatening conspiracy so close to reality that it truly holds up a frightening mirror to our society,” says Sky Studios Deutschland’s Julia Jaensch. “We can’t wait to see the excellent work of Michal Aviram, Martin Behnke and Philipp Kadelbach come together, and are excited to have partnered up with CBS Studios on this fantastic project.”

“Munich Match is an incredibly relevant series and in a genre which global audiences cannot get enough of,” said Meghan Lyvers, Senior Vice President of International Co-Productions and Development, CBS Studios. “While the story is specific and unique, the characters and themes explored are truly universal. We are thrilled to support the creative team behind this series and partner with Sky in bringing it to life.”


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