Saturday, March 25, 2023

NBC News Correspondent Accosted On Air During Live Shot Of Hurricane Ida Aftermath

Shaquille Brewster, an NBC News and MSNBC correspondent, was doing a live shot on the Hurricane Ida aftermath in Gulfport, MS, when a man jumped out of a white pickup truck and ran toward him and began shouting something at him.

Brewster tried to reorient the crew away from the intrusion, telling host Craig Melvin, “I am going to turn this way, because we deal with some people every once in while.” He then went on with his live shot, but then said he would throw it back to Melvin as the man continued shouting. The man then got back into the frame and confronted Brewster face to face.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey,” Melvin responded, telling viewers, ‘We’re going to check back in with Shaq Brewster just to make sure all is well. There’s a lot of crazy out there. A lot of crazy.”

Melvin went on to another segment but later said that Brewster was OK.

“Appreciate the concern guys. The team and I are all good!” Brewster later wrote on Twitter.

Melvin later wrote, “This is beyond unacceptable and disgusting. @shaqbrewster was trying to do his job on a beach in Gulfport, MS. Shaq is ok. This guy who nearly attacked him clearly is not.”


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