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New York Giants schedule 2021: Win-loss record predictions heading into new season

The New York Giants were part of one of the worst divisions in the NFL with the NFC East. The division winner, the Washington Football Team, headed to the playoffs at 7-9. Without star RB Saquon Barkley and a tough schedule, they went 6-10 and finished 2nd in the division. Heading into 2021, the New York Giants added plenty of depth to the roster and acquired WR Kenny Golladay and CB Adoree’ Jackson as starters. In the draft, the New York Giants focused on key areas like WR, LB, and CB. The Giants should be able to stay in the hunt for the division title late into the season, but Saquon Barkley isn’t guaranteed to be available in Week 1. Their 2021 NFL schedule isn’t much better than in 2020, but the passing game should be an improvement along with more pressure upfront on the defense.

New York Giants win-loss prediction

Week 1 – vs Denver Broncos

With QB Teddy Bridgewater, it’s still unclear how well he’ll command the offense during the regular season. However, the defense looks to be on the same page and clicking while their secondary will be a problem for New York Giants QB Daniel Jones.

Prediction: Denver Broncos 23 – New York Giants 16

Week 2 – at Washington Football Team

Washington’s defense is shaping up to be a top-10 unit easily. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is either a gunslinger who costs you the game or saves it. If Saquon Barkley is available, don’t expect the New York Giants to pound him with carries. Daniel Jones will have to create some production with Kenny Golladay and should at least lose a close game here.

Prediction: Washington Football Team 17 – New York Giants 14

Week 3 – vs Atlanta Falcons

Everyone’s high on Atlanta’s offense with Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts, but there’s no guarantee they will fill the void of Julio Jones. The defense doesn’t pose much of a threat and Daniel Jones will be able to find open targets.

Prediction: New York Giants 24 – Atlanta Falcons 20

Week 4 – at New Orleans Saints

QB Jameis Winston is not Drew Brees, but he can keep a team in the fight. His team, however, is without WR Michael Thomas for a portion of the season and the defense has a porous secondary with limited playmakers. If the OL can hold off Malcolm Jenkins and Cameron Jordan, the New York Giants can capitalize on Winston’s errors and allow Daniel Jones to air it out.

Prediction: New York Giants 21 – New Orleans Saints 18

Week 5 – at Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are the favorite to win the NFC East in 2021 and he has the weapons to do it with force. The New York Giants have a chance to make it a shoot-out, but Dak Prescott and his limitless weapons will seal the deal in the end.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 33 – New York Giants 30

Week 6 – vs LA Rams

QB Matthew Stafford is seen as a saving grace for the LA Rams, as he’s been a top-10 QB throughout his career. He’s now with an elite defense and proven offensive weapons. Paired with Sean McVay, the team could make a push for the NFC Championship game. The New York Giants won’t stand a chance against them.

Prediction: LA Rams 33 – New York Giants 20

Week 7 – vs Carolina Panthers

Both Daniel Jones and Sam Darnold are stressed to prove themselves in 2021. Both will face tough defenses, but Daniel Jones’ deep ball and accuracy will pull through for the New York Giants.

Prediction: New York Giants 23 – Carolina Panthers 13

Week 8 – at Kansas City Chiefs

The New York Giants will look to unload Saquon Barkley on the Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense in order to get some momentum going for Daniel Jones and the passing game. Still, it’s Patrick Mahomes‘ speedy offense and the New York Giants’ defense isn’t quite ready to beat the reigning AFC champions.

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs 29 – New York Giants 20

Week 9 – vs Las Vegas Raiders

The New York Giants will start relying on Barkley to carry the offense against teams like the Las Vegas Raiders with a vulnerable DL. QB Derek Carr isn’t one to hold up against pressure too well and will likely be in a hole early in the game.

Prediction: New York Giants 23 – Las Vegas Raiders 17

Week 10 – Bye Week

Week 11 – at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even with an extra week to prepare for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the New York Giants are still facing the defending Super Bowl champions. The offense has depth to keep fresh legs on the field and a defense with playmakers on all levels. Saquon Barkley won’t be able to pull them out of this one.

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24 – New York Giants 10

Week 12 – vs Philadelphia Eagles

It’s a gamble on who is the QB for the Philadelphia Eagles in this game, which doesn’t put the Eagles in good odds. Daniel Jones could end up with his best game to date…on the ground. The Eagles still have a sharp secondary, but Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley could carve it up.

Prediction: New York Giants 17 – Philadelphia Eagles 9

Week 13 – at Miami Dolphins

QB Tua Tagovailoa will be a much better QB in 2021 as he’s out to prove to the Miami Dolphins that he’s worthy being the starter. With WRs like Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle, Tua will keep the game interesting. Miami’s secondary could be too much to handle and could have several picks on Daniel Jones.

Prediction: Miami Dolphins 21 – New York Giants 14

Week 14 – at LA Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp

QB Justin Herbert is the reigning Rookie of the Year and the LA Chargers could be a darkhorse in the playoffs. LA has a strong defense, but Daniel Jones is due for a good day through the air and the Chargers could be on the wrong side of an upset.

Prediction: New York Giants 24 – LA Chargers 23

Week 15 – vs Dallas Cowboys

Round two with the Dallas Cowboys won’t be much different than the first. The New York Giants will put up more of a fight and this game could end up in OT, but Dallas is still a superior team. Plus, New York is coming off a hard-fought battle with LA.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys 27 – New York Giants 24 OT

Week 16 – at Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles will put up a bigger fight after having a consistent QB for several weeks now. The defense is ready for the New York Giants this time and will take advantage of a team that has been through two hellish battles.

Prediction: Philadelphia Eagles 17 – New York Giants 14

Week 17 – at Chicago Bears

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears
Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears

It’s a tough stretch for the New York Giants to end the season with. The Chicago Bears will have had QB Justin Fields as the starter for several weeks now and the defense will be good enough to have several takeaways.

Prediction: Chicago Bears 23 – New York Giants 16

Week 18 – vs Washington Football Team

By now, the New York Giants will be out of playoff contention and are just playing for pride. Washington is still hanging onto a WC spot, though. They will fight for their playoff hopes, but it will be a losing effort with Saquon Barkley ending their season.

Prediction: New York Giants 26 – Washington 21

New York Giants season record prediction

7-11, third in NFC East

No playoffs and we could see Daniel Jones and Dave Gettleman have their futures reevaluated.

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