Thursday, March 23, 2023

NFL taunting rule: Why Tyreek Hill may need to change his signature peace sign for 2021 season

The No Fun League strikes again.

It wouldn’t be the NFL offseason if there wasn’t a controversial rule change heading into the next season. This year, taunting rules will be a “point of emphasis” for NFL officials — meaning, expect pleasantries among competitors instead of some bad, worse and cool flexes all year long.

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The rule itself hasn’t changed much: It’s still 15 yards for a taunting penalty, and two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties customarily result in an automatic ejection, sometimes resulting in fines.

What this means: Guys such as Tyreek Hill might have to keep his deuces holstered when he’s taking a Patrick Mahomes pass to the end zone. We’re also going to be robbed of awesome moments such as Antoine Winfield Jr. throwing up the peace sign to Hill in the Super Bowl. Turnabout is no longer fair play, apparently.

It’s important to note that enforcement of taunting penalties will be enforced more strictly for the 2021 season, but things such as end zone celebrations are still totally OK and within the rules. So at least the league has that going for it.

Taunting is going to be difficult to sort out for officials, after all, and no two taunting situations will likely be the same.

Just chalk this up to the NFL getting in its own way again.


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