Monday, March 20, 2023

Oscar Winner’s Feature Debut and Epic Drama Series Among Hungarian Projects in the Pipeline

“Rise of the Raven”
Producers: Robert Lantos (Serendipity Point Films) and Tibor Krsko
Showrunner: George Mihalka
Synopsis: An epic drama series about Janos Hunyadi, a fearless warrior who defeated the vast Ottoman army and defended Europe in 1456 at the Battle of Belgrade. The 10-hour series, based on the bestselling novels by author Bán Mór, is expected to be the biggest-budget Hungarian show ever.

“The School of Courage”
Producers: Judith Csernai and Dariusz Jablonski (I’m Film, Apple Film Productions)
Writer: Gábor Krigler
Synopsis: Amidst the horrors of World War II, hundreds of Polish children find refuge in a most unlikely place: a grammar school on the shore of Lake Balaton. But the impending Nazi occupation of Hungary threatens to shatter this idyll, and when the daughter of a leading member of the resistance arrives at the school, a secret agent finds himself in a race against time to save the students.

“The Grandson” (pictured)
Producer: Tamás S. Zákonyi (Flashback)
Writer-director: Kristóf Deák
Synopsis: The debut feature from Kristóf Deák, who won an Academy Award for best live-action short, is a coming-of-age drama disguised as a crime thriller, with darkly comic undertones. It centers on a quiet and unassuming young man whose comfortable world is turned upside-down after his grandfather falls victim to a ruthless scam.

Producers: András Muhi and Gábor Ferenczy (Focus Fox, Komplizen Film)
Writer-directors: László Csuja and Anna Nemes
Synopsis: Female bodybuilder Edina is ready to sacrifice everything for the dream she shares with her life partner and trainer, Adam: to win the world championship. The odd love she finds on her way makes her see the difference between her dreams and her true self.

Producer: Tamás Lajos (Filmpositive)
Writer: Norbert Köbli
Synopsis: A true story of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Hungary, József Antall, from his freedom fighter days in 1956 to the infamous 1990 taxi blockade that shook the nation.

“White Plastic Sky”
Producers: József Fülöp and Orsolya Sipos (Salto Film, Artichoke Films)
Directors: Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó
Synopsis: Animation science-fiction. A dystopian eco-fantasy set in a not-too-distant future Budapest without animals and plants. In a world where the price of human survival is high, a young man breaks every rule to save his wife.


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