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PUBG New State (Mobile) pre-registration link for Android and iOS devices

PUBG New State has been one of the most talked-about mobile battle royale games. Krafton announced the title earlier this year, and it has garnered considerable attention across the world.

The pre-registration for PUBG New State has been going on for quite a while on both Android and iOS platforms. Indian users were left in dismay as pre-registrations were not initially made available for the country.

However, as of today, 1 September 2021, the developers of PUBG New State have made registrations available to players in the Indian region as well.

Android and iOS pre-registrations for PUBG New State Mobile open in India


Play Store Link: Click here

Step 1: First, players should use the link above to visit the Play Store page of PUBG New State.

Users need to press the
Users need to press the “Pre-register” button as shown here (Image via Play Store)

Step 2: Users can then tap on the “Pre-register” button. A dialog box will appear. Players need to click on the “Got it” button to complete the pre-registration.

Press “Got it” to complete the registrations for PUBG New State (Image via Play Store)

There’s also another option – “Install when available”. Users can click on that if they wish to automatically download the game whenever it is made available.


Apple App Store page: Click here

Step 1: The URL stated above will redirect iOS users to the game’s Apple App Store page.

Users should tap the
Users should tap the “Get” button to pre-order (Image via Apple App Store)

Step 2: They can click on the “Get” option and confirm the process. Upon doing so, PUBG New State will be pre-ordered.

They should confirm the process (Image via Apple App Store)
They should confirm the process (Image via Apple App Store)

About PUBG New State

As mentioned above, the PUBG New State is set in the futuristic year of 2051, and the name of the map/battlefield is “Troi.” Two alpha tests of the game have already taken place, with the most recent one ending a few days ago. Users that participated in the alpha tests were able to try out the various features of the title.

There has been no official release date for the game announced as of now, but the developers have previously mentioned that they plan to release it in the second half of the year.

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