Saturday, March 18, 2023

Rudy Ray Moore’s ‘Dolemite’ Albums Sold to 800 Pound Gorilla Comedy Label (EXCLUSIVE)

The comedy recordings by legendary singer, actor, and filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore have been sold to the independent label 800 Pound Gorilla Records by his longtime manager Donald H. Randell. The deal was facilitated by SongVest, the online marketplace for buying and selling royalties.

The main Dolemite comedy catalog includes over 40 of the late comedian’s most famous recordings, as well as unreleased masters with outtakes from his comedy shows, instrumental tracks, and more. The albums include: “Eat Out More Often,” “The Dirty Dozen House Party,” “Greatest Hits,” “This Ain’t No White Christmas,” “Dolemite for President,” “Return of Dolemite-‘Superstar’,” “50 Years of Cussing,” “The Beatnik Scene,” “The Rudy Ray Moore Album: I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing,” “Live in Concert,” “The Player—The Hustler,” “Sweet Peeter Jeeter,” “The Turning Point,” “Close Encounter of the Sex Kind,” “The Sensuous Black Man” and many more.

Moore’s recordings, standup routines, and filmmaking are portrayed in the 2019 Netflix biopic, “Dolemite Is My Namel,” starring Eddie Murphy, who used to attend Moore’s shows in L.A.

As the ‘Godfather of Rap,’ Moore’s comedy has been part of comedy and hip-hop for decades, and has been sampled by Dr. Dre, Big Daddy Kane, 2 Live Crew and more. His 1975 blaxploitation film “Dolemite,” plus its sequels, “The Human Tornado” and “The Return of Dolemite” have become cult classics.

“My utmost priority was to bring new life to Rudy Ray Moore’s classic comedy recordings and help further his legacy for many years to come. It was the right decision to partner with Sean Peace and entrust SongVest in helping to guide me and find a perfect home at 800 Pound Gorilla Records. Ian, Ryan, and Damion and their staff really understands the genre and can deliver what Rudy Ray Moore fans want, plus they have the best infrastructure, tools, and distribution to expand the reach and grow the audience for Rudy’s craftmanship,” says Randell.

Sean Peace, CEO of SongVest said, “Working with Donald and 800 Pound Gorilla was such a great experience, and I’m proud to have fostered the sale of Rudy Ray Moore’s classic recordings through our network at SongVest.”

“Owning a piece of history like Rudy Ray Moore’s  Dolemite Comedy Catalogis a dream come true. I will personally make sure the recordings live on. Our entire team is ready to bring this iconic catalog in, and find the best opportunities to get more people to laugh along with the stories of Dolemite,” said Ian Adkins, Founding Member and Head of European Operations, 800 Pound Gorilla Media.

Randell plans to use proceeds from the sale to produce and direct a feature film with behind-the-scenes untold stories based on his own personal life and relationship to the comedian.




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