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Should GTA 4 get a remaster?

With the recent rumors of GTA remasters, many fans are now harping on whether or not GTA 4 deserves a remaster next.

Of course, it should go without saying that the GTA trilogy remasters haven’t been confirmed yet. Still, the idea of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas getting a remaster is exhilarating to think about. However, that has also left fans wondering if GTA 4 should get a remaster soon as well.

In an ideal world, every GTA game would get a remaster. However, that isn’t practical. More realistically, GTA 4 could get a remaster in about seven years on it’s 20th anniversary. Enough time would pass between the recent remaster and GTA 6, which would otherwise overshadow a potential GTA 4 remaster.

Does GTA 4 need a remaster?

Remasters are always appreciated (Image via Rockstar Games)
Remasters are always appreciated (Image via Rockstar Games)

The most important distinction between GTA 4 and the rumored trilogy remaster is that the latter games are older than the former title. This means that their graphics are inferior in a far more noticeable way, and that’s not mentioning how clunky their general gameplay can be at times.

GTA 4 isn’t perfect by any means, but it certainly doesn’t need a remaster before those three games. The gameplay still holds up well, and while a graphical touch would be nice, it’s not a necessity.

Ideally, it would be better to wait a few years so a GTA 4 remaster can be more impressive to look at in the same vein that it looked so much better back in the day.

Future of other GTA games

This remaster is likely getting more attention from Rockstar Games right now (Image via Culture Crave)
This remaster is likely getting more attention from Rockstar Games right now (Image via Culture Crave)

It wouldn’t be realistic to assume that Rockstar would be doing a GTA trilogy remaster, GTA 6 development, and a GTA 4 remaster all at once, especially if it wants to reduce worker stress.

There’s also uncertainty about what a GTA 4 remaster would look like. It could use a minor graphical revamp, but that would hardly qualify as a remaster. It would be a lazy cash grab for a legendary game that deserves better than that.

GTA 4 could use some new features to help spice up some gameplay, but it won’t be urgent to add anytime soon.

Plus, other 3D-era GTA games could use a remaster more. Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, and especially GTA Advance could be significantly improved upon with a remaster. As far as HD universe games go, it would also make more sense to give GTA Chinatown Wars some love before GTA 4, especially since the former wasn’t as successful as the latter.

Why some fans want a GTA 4 remaster

Generally speaking, remasters of video games tend to look and play better than the original. If GTA 4 had a remaster, it would make sense for it to be an amazing game.

Plus, for an HD game, GTA 4 doesn’t look as good as it used to. Seeing modern AAA titles with fancy graphics makes GTA 4 pale by comparison. Understandably, several fans would just like a graphical overhaul.

However, games are always getting better and more advanced. This, along with the aforementioned reasons, would make a GTA 4 remaster better-suited to happen in a few years rather than right now.

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