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“Sport bring us joy, play a sport today” – Sachin Tendulkar gives an inspirational message on National Sport’s Day

Legendary Indian batter Sachin Tendulkar continues to mesmerize his fans even after retiring from cricket.

On the occasion of National Sport’s Day on Sunday (August 29), Sachin sent out an inspirational message to all his countrymen, requesting them to indulge themselves in any sport as it would bring them joy.

He further explained how a sport could be a root source to acquire some knowledge about life. In a video uploaded on his official YouTube channel, Sachin Tendulkar said:

“Sports doesn’t seem like a matter of life and death, but I have seen the joys sports can bring. Some of these kids were fighting a terminal disease. Some didn’t have the gift of sight. Some won’t even go to live to be adults, but for a brief while, just as any kid would be, they played, they were happy, they were cheerful and so full of life.

“This National Sports Day, play a sport, any sport, play with kids around you because sports teaches us many things, but above all, it makes us so very happy.”

You can watch the video below:

“Virat Kohli should give a quick call to Sachin Tendulkar and take his advise” – Sunil Gavaskar

Former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar recently advised Virat Kohli to give Sachin Tendulkar a call and take his suggestions to improve his off-side game in Test cricket.

In all three matches during the current England tour, Virat Kohli has perished in identical fashion, having poked at balls on fifth and sixth stumps.

During a discussion with Sony Sports on this matter, Gavaskar said:

“He should give a quick call to SRT (Tendulkar) and ask, ‘What should I do?’ He should do what Sachin Tendulkar did at Sydney. Say to himself that I am not going to play the cover drive.

“That is a bit of a worry for me because he is getting dismissed at the fifth, sixth and even seventh stump. In 2014, he was getting out more around the off-stump.”

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