Sunday, January 22, 2023

Stanley Tucci Reveals His Cancer Struggle In New Interview, Admits Using A Feeding Tube For Six Months

Stanley Tucci, whose acting credits include The Hunger Games and Supernova, has spoken out about his cancer diagnosis and treatments in a new interview.

In an interview with Vera magazine, Tucci said he was diagnosed three years ago with a tumor at the base of his tongue. The mass “was too big to operate,,” and could only be treated with “high-dose radiation and chemo.”

Having been through a cancer ordeal when his first wife, Kate Spath-Tucci, had breast cancer more than a decade ago, Tucci was wary of that.

“I’d vowed I’d never do anything like that, because my first wife died of cancer, and to watch her go through those treatments for years was horrible,” Tucci said. Spath-Tucci died in 2009 at age 47.

Tucci shared that his treatment at one point involved the use of a feeding tube.

“The kids were great, but it was hard for them,” he said. “I had a feeding tube for six months. I could barely make it to the twins’ high school graduation.”

Tucci said that his cancer treatment was successful. He said he now feels older from the experience.

“[Cancer] makes you more afraid and less afraid at the same time. I feel much older than I did before I was sick. But you still want to get ahead and get things done.”


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