Thursday, March 23, 2023

Stardew Valley esports: Indie farming life sim will have a $40k USD event hosted by developer ConcernedApe himself

Stardew Valley developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced the Stardew Valley Cup, a $40,000 USD prize pool tournament. The tournament will comprise distinguished Stardew Valley content creators and speedrunners competing in teams.

The Stardew Valley Cup will be hosted by ConcernedApe in collaboration with Zach “Unsurpassable Z” Hartman, who is a Stardew Valley content creator himself.

Since being released in 2016, Stardew Valley has not only been a meteoric success as a video game, but has also managed to create cultural influence.

The sole developer of the game, Eric Barone, who goes by the screen name ConcernedApe, has been nothing short of a genius in creating Stardew Valley.

It doesn’t end there, as he has also been supporting his game over the years with new content, multiplayer support, and launches across multiple platforms. The entire prize pool for the Stardew Valley Cup has come from him as well.

Stardew Valley Cup: Details

The Stardew Valley Cup main event kicks off at 12:00 pm ET/4:00 pm GMT on September 4. The main event will be casted by ConcernedApe and Unsurpassable Z, and it will be live-streamed on Unsurpassable Z’s Twitch channel.

There will be four teams, each comprising four Stardew Valley content creators. These teams will be competing against each other in pursuit of scoring the most points. Teams will accrue points by accomplishing a long list of predetermined goals set for the event.

The in-game goals are plentiful and diverse, and even the best Stardew Valley content creators will have to strategize their approaches in the days preceding the event.

The list of goals in Stardew Valley Cup (Image via Unsurpassable Z)
The list of goals in Stardew Valley Cup (Image via Unsurpassable Z)

Stardew Valley, since its inception, has enamored gamers with its serene gameplay and cozy atmosphere of Pelican Town. Although the min-max aspect has always existed in the game, it’s nothing short of a wonder that an esports event sprang out of the relaxing farm sim.

ConcernedApe mentioned this being “the 1st” official Stardew Valley Cup which implies there will be more such events in the future. Suffice to say, Stardew Valley fans will be delighted by this refreshing news. They will appreciate this bespoke event even more, as it is being casted and hosted by the beloved developer himself.

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