Sunday, October 24, 2021

Steven Soderbergh Surprise Movie To Premiere At TIFF

The Toronto Film Festival said Thursday that it will have a surprise screening of a never-before-seen movie from Steven Soderbergh.

At this time, we hear it’s not likely to be his New Line crime drama thriller Kimi starring Zoe Kravitz and Erika Christensen, rather another movie the Oscar-winning filmmaker has up his sleeve. The past summer, Soderbergh debuted his crime feature No Sudden Movie on HBO Max, which drew 567K U.S. households over four days according to Samba TV, which measures terrestrial smart TV streaming viewership.

The festival programmed Soderbergh’s latest in “secret collaboration” with him, with ticket availability to be revealed at a later date.

“It wouldn’t be TIFF if we didn’t have a surprise element to tease out — and this year it’s coming from a TIFF friend, Steven Soderbergh,” said Joana Vicente and Cameron Bailey, Co-Heads, TIFF in a statement today. “We are inspired by the excitement and anticipation we can already feel in the city. It has been a challenging time for everyone, and it’s so wonderful that in exactly seven days we will be able to welcome back international, national, and local audiences, industry guests, journalists, and film talent for an unforgettable TIFF 2021. We can’t wait.”


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