Friday, March 31, 2023

Sylvester Stallone Punches Way To KO’Ing Number One Film In Six Straight Decades

EXCLUSIVE: When The Suicide Squad rose to the box office charts this past weekend, I did the math. Sylvester Stallone has done something not a lot of lead actors can boast about. Stallone, who plays King Shark in the James Gunn-directed ensemble, now has had the Number One film at the box office in six consecutive decades. Stallone has had 46 film releases in that time, and 20 of them were Number One at the box office. Here are some of the films that are representative of six decades.

Here is how the decades represent themselves in Stallone’s film resume:

1970s: Rocky

1980s: Rocky, Rambo First Blood

1990s: Cliffhanger

2000s:  Driven

2010s: The Expendables

2020s:  The Suicide Squad


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