Thursday, March 30, 2023

TEC BGMI Invitational Season 1 day 1 Overall standings

The first day of The Esports Club: BGMI Invitational Season 1 came to an end today. After a grueling battle of 5 matches between 20 invited teams, TSM FTX emerged as the table toppers with 66 points and 28 finishes.

Following them in second place was Godlike Esports who secured 64 points and 35 finishes. Skylightz Gaming also played quite well to secure third spot with 63 points and 23 finishes.

TEC BGMI Invitational Season 1 day 1

TEC BGMI Invitational day 1 overall standings
TEC BGMI Invitational day 1 overall standings

The day started with the first match being played on Map Erangel. The chicken dinner in this match was claimed by TSM FTX with 13 frags. The team played really well and controlled the zone to secure the victory. Reckoning Esports finished second in this match with 6 frags, while Redowl Gaming finished third with 6 eliminations to their name.

TEC BGMI Invitational day 1 overall standings
TEC BGMI Invitational day 1 overall standings

The second match, played on Miramar, saw Skylightz Gaming take the win with 4 finish points. ForceOne x LegStump Esports also played quite well in this match to secure second spot with 6 eliminations. Team XO finished third in this match 7 frags.

The third and fourth matches of the day were again played on Erangel and Miramar. The chicken dinner in these two games was secured by Reckoning Esports and TSM FTX with 15 and 11 finishes. The victory in the fourth was TSM FTX’s second chicken dinner of the day as they climbed their way up in the leaderboards.

The fifth and final match of the day played on Miramar was won by Godlike Esports. Spower from GodLike fragged heavily and helped his team secure a victory with 17 finish points. 8Bit also performed exceptionally in this match to secure a second-place finish with 12 eliminations. IYD x Team Tamilas claimed the third spot with 9 finish points to their name.

With three more days and 15 more matches to go in the BGMI tournament, teams at the top will be looking to consolidate their positions while those at the bottom will be trying really hard to come back into the winning fray. The remaining days promises to be filled with action and will be quite enjoyable for viewers.


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