Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Terence Winter Sparks To David Chase’s Invitation To Script Another Formative Film On ‘The Sopranos’ To Follow ‘The Many Saints Of Newark’

EXCLUSIVE: Call it an offer he couldn’t refuse. After The Sopranos creator David Chase told Deadline in today’s interview that he would be interested in doing another film about the formative years of Tony Soprano — as long as it meant reuniting with longtime series writer and executive producer Terence Winter, Deadline reached out to Winter, who said: “The idea of doing another one, and doing it with David, I’d be in in a heartbeat. Absolutely.”

Before fans of The Sopranos get too hot and bothered about the idea of another film tracing the formative years of the core cast, The Many Saints Of Newark has to please Warner Bros and New Line, the studios that made it. There is a solid cast in that film that plays younger versions of the series stalwarts. Michael Gandolfini plays young Tony; Vera Farmiga plays his mother, Livia, and Jon Bernthal plays his father, Johnny Boy Soprano. Corey Stoll plays Uncle Junior, and John Magaro plays Silvio Dante (Magaro played the lead in Chase’s rock and roll coming of age film Not Fade Away), Billy Magnussen is young Paulie Walnuts, Samson Moeakiola plays Big Pussy, Alexandra Intrator plays his sister Janice, and Robert Vincent Montano plays future chef Artie Bucco,

“This is very flattering,” said Winter, who wrote dozens of episodes of the series and ran it for Chase for nearly eight seasons before hatching the HBO series Boardwalk Empire and scripting The Wolf Of Wall Street, both with Martin Scorsese. “I absolutely loved the movie, and I’ve seen it a couple of times. I was really on the fence about whether David should even do it. You know, let’s leave it alone. But the more he told me about his ideas, obviously it couldn’t be in better hands than David and Alan Taylor. I knew it would be good, I just didn’t know how much I was going to love it. To me, it felt like the show tonally, like it was the show, but not the show. It just felt light, tonally, like what we did. The cast was great and Alessandro Nivola was just incredible. Seeing Michael Gandolfini, there were so many moments where, he was his dad. Ray Liotta was great.”

Winter felt the movie works, whether or not one was familiar with The Sopranos.

“There are so many Easter eggs, that if you know what they are, you get rewarded for paying attention,” he said. And if you didn’t catch then, that’s okay, it works as a freestanding movie. David and I have kicked around just how many stories there are that precede the TV series, and the idea of doing a sequel, if it comes to that, would be really great fun. And also the chance to work again with David, a dear friend and mentor. Just from that standpoint, it would be fantastic.”

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