Friday, September 30, 2022

“That’s cool as heck” – Jon Jones reacts to Jake Paul gifting gloves to young boxers at a gym in Cleveland

Following his split decision victory over Tyron Woodley last weekend, Jake Paul made a visit to a local boxing gym in Cleveland. He gifted the young boxers the gloves he used to defeat ‘The Chosen One’ with.

Jake Paul may have many haters, but one man who appears to have been won over by his recent actions is former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Jake Paul uploaded several videos of himself interacting with young members of the boxing gym, paired with the following caption:

“went and surprise visited one of the local Cleveland boxing gyms and gave out some Boxing Bullies @boxingbullies gloves.. these kids always give me more than I give them.. my favorite was lil cheddar who is the one in the green and black head gear in these posts and had so much personality and love for the sport.. all these kids had the heart of a young champ… boxing is the future… remember it’s not cool to bully and every word you say on the internet is permanent.. love YALL.”

Jon Jones was quick to praise Jake Paul’s act of kindness, commenting on the post with the following:

“That’s cool as heck. Good stuff”

Jon Jones comments on Jake Paul
Jon Jones comments on Jake Paul’s Instagram post

Jake Paul is a polarizing figure at the best of times. He drew the ire of many MMA fans with some of the disrespectful comments he made to pioneers of the game via social media. Since then, however, Paul has become a surprising advocate for increasing fighter pay, in both boxing and MMA.

This, paired with what appears to be some relatively competent boxing skills, is slowly beginning to change the public’s opinion of him.

What does the future hold for Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is now a 4-0 professional boxer, with three of his four wins coming by way of a knockout.

There appears to be two clear cut potential fights that Paul could take next, although there are always going to be others willing to fight ‘The Problem Child.’

The first of those two fights is with Tommy Fury, the younger half-brother of heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury. The Englishman recently featured on the undercard of the Paul vs. Woodley event. He defeated Anthony Taylor by way of a decision and immediately called out Jake Paul in the aftermath. The two men even had a backstage altercation at the event.

The second option is a rematch with Tyron Woodley. In the heat of the moment, Jake Paul agreed to fight Woodley a second time on the condition that ‘The Chosen One’ gets an ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo.


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