Thursday, March 23, 2023

“That’s the secret” – Logan Paul tells Sean O’Malley the advice he has for fighters based on the Paul brothers’ success

Logan Paul recently welcomed UFC star Sean O’Malley on an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast.

The YouTube star shared the secret that led to the Paul brothers quickly attaining stardom in the world of combat sports.

According to Logan Paul, marketing their product, which happens to be themselves, has been the key to their success.

Citing an example of Jake Paul’s brilliant marketing strategy, Logan mentioned his brother’s robot. ‘The Problem Bot’ was displaying a highlight reel of his recent opponent Tyron Woodley getting knocked out on the day of their fight.

Advising fighters to adopt their strategy, Logan Paul recently told Sean O’Malley::

“Well that’s the secret dude. If anyone can take, well if a fighter in particular can take advice from what we do…it’s just strategy bro, we’re really just marketers, we happen to be the product as well. Well I was at the weigh-in today with Jake and looked at his pet robot…which by the way he has got a pet robot…that thing’s a robot, fully autonomous too. Anyways I look at the f***ing…he put TVs on the robot’s chest and playing on the TV on the robot’s chest is a highlight reel of Tyron (Woodley) getting knocked out. I mean there’s levels to this sh*it. I looked at it, I’m like ‘this kid is brilliant, he’s brilliant dude.'”

Check out Sean O’Malley’s appearance on IMPAULSIVE below:

Logan Paul and his brother are big names in celebrity boxing

The Paul siblings have created headlines since venturing into celebrity boxing.

The YouTube sensations have fought some of the biggest names in combat sport despite having comparatively little experience inside the ring.

Logan Paul recently fought boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing bout on June 6. ‘The Maverick’ went up against the former five-division world champion despite having an 0-1 professional record.

Prior to that, Logan Paul lost his lone professional bout via split decision against British rapper and YouTuber KSI in 2019.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul’s brother Jake is building a reputation as a legitimate pugilist with an undefeated 4-0 record.

In his most recent outing, Jake Paul defeated former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley via split decision in Cleveland, where the Paul brothers grew up.


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