Friday, March 24, 2023

The best held items for Wigglytuff in Pokemon Unite

With some good item support, Wigglytuff can be a valuable teammate in Pokemon Unite.

Of course, this Pokemon won’t be doing loads of damage. What it can do, though, is use supporting moves that keep its teammates healthy and prepared to keep battling. Wigglytuff naturally has high defense, so this item set will be focused on bolstering those defenses to guard against the intimidating attackers in Pokemon Unite.

Which items are Pokemon Unite players going to want on their Wigglytuff?

First of all, Wigglytuff is a great user of the Exp. Share. This item takes in experience if the holder has the lowest experience on the team, fulfilling a similar role to what it does in the main series games.

Considering that Wigglytuff plays a more passive role, it probably won’t be leading the team in kills. This is why Wigglytuff makes such good use of this item. This Pokemon won’t be getting too much experience through grinding kills, so it needs a better way to level up, and the Exp. Share provides exactly that.

Another great item to toss on Wigglytuff is Leftovers. Any competitive Pokemon player can speak of the power of passive recovery. Not only will Wigglytuff get a large boost in HP at the start of the match with Leftovers, but it will continuously regenerate 1 HP as long as it isn’t seeing combat.

This can help players a lot in Pokemon Unite since they won’t need to fly around the map to get recovery. For most other Pokemon, the only way to regenerate health is to go back to home base. With Leftovers, Wigglytuff just needs to be outside the line of fire. It can wait a couple seconds and then go back to supporting its teammates.

Rocky Helmet is another great item on Wigglytuff. Any defensive Pokemon is going to appreciate a boost in Defense. This item will also dish out some chip damage to nearby opposing Pokemon whenever the holder gets hit with at least 10% damage. This allows Wigglytuff to play an even more supportive role, since it can chip down enemies for its teammates to come through and finish off.

As for a battle item, Eject Button can work well on Wigglytuff. It offers a one-use dash for Wigglytuff to get to a spot it needs to be. It can rush over to Sing a troublesome enemy to sleep (and make a more powerful Hex for a potential Gengar), or take damage and respond with Rocky Helmet.


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