Sunday, March 26, 2023

‘The Seahawks are wasting one of the greatest primes in the history of football’: Max Kellerman blasts franchise for “wasting” Russell Wilson’s prime

This past offseason, there were rumors on several fronts that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wanted to be traded. There were also some murmurs that he was upset that the Seahawks didn’t build a solid offensive line around him to help him and the team succeed.

When players reported to mandatory minicamp and training camp, the Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll admitted that everything was fine between the organization and Wilson. Both sides proclaimed that Wilson’s concerns were heard loud and clear, and that they would address the issue.

So far, it seems that his concerns may not have been addressed. Offensive lineman Duane Brown is currently a holdout for the Seahawks. The 36-year-old veteran wants to negotiate a new contract and apparently won’t take the field until that happens.

Russell Wilson publicly addressed the issue this week by saying that a deal needs to be done and quickly. Brown covers Wilson’s blind-side, making him an integral part of the Seahawks offense.

On ESPN’s “First Take” this morning, co-host Max Kellerman didn’t hold back his feelings on the Seattle Seahawks‘ current situation.

Max Kellerman sounds off on the Seahawks for wasting Russell Wilson during his prime

Kellerman voiced his concerns about the Seahawks and their handling of Russell Wilson. He started by saying that when the Seahawks parted ways with the “Legion of Boom” so that they could pay Wilson, it was stated that the team would build an elite offense around him.

Now, the Seattle Seahawks have put their star quarterback in a position where he needs to voice concerns over his offensive line.

Offensive tackle Duane Brown has reported to training camp but has not participated. Wilson has been vocal about wanting the Seahawks to come to a resolution with Brown about his contract situation.

Kellerman went on to talk about how Wilson has been the most consistent quarterback in the NFL throughout his tenure with the Seahawks. He continued by saying that the QB is having one of the best primes in the NFL and the Seahawks aren’t doing anything to help him win another Super Bowl.

Kellerman then added that the Seahawks should learn from the Green Bay Packers’ predicament with their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

“The Seattle Seahawks should have learned something from the Green Bay Packers. Russell Wilson can opt-out after 2022, meaning there is one year left on the deal—don’t play around.”

Kellerman and many around the NFL continue to believe that Wilson could easily opt-out of his contract after next season, putting the team in peril. Until that happens, though, Wilson will pull the strings in Seattle in the hope that the franchise shows some ambition.


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